Style Points Are For Losers

ATHENS – A few days later, and Bulldog partisans on social media and message boards are still bummed… about a win.

An SEC win; on the road; at Neyland Stadium; with starters missing all over the offense.

Say that out loud.

Georgia won.

Georgia won on the road.

Georgia won on the road in the SEC.

Georgia won on the road in the SEC at Tennessee.

Am I missing something?

This is the way you win the SEC East – you beat Tennessee. Georgia has never won the East without first beating the Vols.

You don't get style points in the SEC. Ask last year's South Carolina and Florida teams what they were doing the night of the SEC Championship Game last year. Both had style-point victories (the Cocks over Georgia and the Gators over the Cocks) – meanwhile Georgia won the East.

Tennessee has lost three games this season – all to teams ranked in the top 17… and two in the top seven. The Vols will lose more this season, too. They still have to play South Carolina, Alabama, Missouri and Auburn before the end of the season.

That program may well have played the best game it has played in three years Saturday night, but it still lost, and Georgia still won… which is the entire point of keeping score.

But you wouldn't have known it judging from the usual panic found online after a close win. The usual discussion was had making the case that Georgia "could" have lose, and therefore "should" have lost.

Doomsday is right around the corner.

No. Doomsday is what Georgia got through Saturday.

This guy named J.J. Green and his buddy Brendon Douglas were the two running backs going up against Tennessee. There was a point in the game where I actually didn't know the name of a player lining up in a goal line situation for Georgia at wide receiver after Michael Bennett and Justin Scott-Wesley went down.

Panic is understandable from people have never been in those situations before, and that's what you get online a lot after games. But take a step back and look at what happened Saturday night.

Did Old Lady Luck save the Dawgs? Is Georgia just that mentally tough that it can run for 238 yards with its third and fourth-string running backs? Is this team so determined that it will go the length of the field with less than two minutes and game-tying touchdown by throwing the ball to a receiver no one ever thinks about with five seconds left? Was it so difficult Saturday night that Mark Richt left Neyland Stadium being taken out on the sideline and with stitches on his finger?

The answer to all of those questions is yes.

But more importantly: Did any of Georgia's goals change as a result of the game?


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