Missouri Week: Monday's Rundown

ATHENS - Richt and Georgia's players talk about the carnage of the Tennessee game and how it affects this week.

1. Next man up. That's the slogan for Georgia football right now, especially for running backs and receivers. Justin Scott-Wesley and Keith Marshall are out for the season while Michael Bennett's diagnosis should come as soon as Tuesday or as late as Wednesday. Mark Richt announced the injuries during his teleconference on Sunday evening.

Along with those announcements, defensive backs Tray Matthews and Connor Norman sustained injuries last week and didn't play at Tennessee. Matthews tweaked his hamstring and Norman suffered a concussion in the days before the Tennessee trip.

"I don't know on Matthews. Sometimes they [hamstrings] go relatively quick and sometimes they take a while, so I don't know about him," Richt said. "Probably got a realistic shot at Connor. He had a concussion so that's day-to-day as well. It's a pretty long list."

2. Obviously Marshall isn't the only running back out, but unlike Marshall, Todd Gurley has the ability to come back this season. The only question is how soon. His ankle is still being monitored on a day-to-day basis, and Richt's staff will be extra careful with him in this particular situation.

"We're not going to push him any faster. We like the two true freshmen backs that have played recently," Richt said. "They're good football players. The last thing I want to do is rush the thing on Todd."

3. Even in this situation of Georgia wide receivers going down one by one, Richt won't rush Jonathon Rumph's comeback either. There have been a lot of questions about Rumph in the past few weeks, and with receivers unable to go you can bet there will be even more. Fans want to see him play and find out how much he can help spread the field. Richt hasn't got an exact gauge on Rumph's health yet, though.

"I'm still not sure on Rumph," Richt said. "I'd be surprised if he could go this week with the hamstring. After that we're going to try to get him ready."

4. To start the season, the offensive line was one of those Georgia units in question. Now, those players are among the most experienced. However, the offensive linemen haven't spoken to media in well, a while. Chris Burnette broke that silence today, though.

"To begin with it was kind of a group thing," Burnette said. "Just focus on ourselves and not worry about the media or friends and family talking about the game. We just wanted to kind of keep it together, but this week we're kind of breaking us out."

In this situation, the offensive can't afford to be a weak link. The remaining leaders on offense need all the help and protection they can get.

"We've been challenging ourselves to be the bell cows on this offense," Burnette said. "We've got to be the ones who are accounted on for the plays we make. People always have questions about us and honestly we don't care. We just think we have a good unit."

5. With all the injury talk it's easy to get caught up in how this will affect Georgia's season. While that's often the first thing that comes to mind, as teammates these players are more concerned with how it affects each team member physically and mentally. At the end of the day, Burnette said the guys who are still out there will play hard, if not harder for the guys who can't be. "It's just tough to see them go down in a split second like that," Burnette said. "At the end of the day the silver lining around it is that those guys were sacrificing their bodies for a greater cause, and that was for us to reach our goal and that's Pasadena. We're still going to work hard for those guys."

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