HD Video: Richt's Wednesday Conference

ATHENS - Mark Richt speaks with media following Wednesday's practice before the Missouri game.


I thought we had a good day. The last three Wednesdays we have changed the way we're doing things a little bit. We used to do our fundamental work and then we would do team run, then we'd have some scout work, then go ahead and go pass skel against the defense, then we'd have another little bit with the scouts and then at the end we'd finish with 11 on 11 offense vs. defense stuff.

One day we had weather and we tried to beat the weather and go ahead and do all the fastball stuff. If the rain came we could go inside and get our scout team work and it turned out to be really good.

I think it probably gave them a little better chance to recover on their legs and stuff so we decided to do it last week, did it again today and I think I like that routine. We may keep doing that for a while now.

Monday's we've been going full pads. This Monday I chose not to do it. It wasn't so much injuries. When you carry a helmet and shoulder pads it's just added weight to your legs. I want everybody unified, so everybody was wearing their pads or nobody was wearing them.

Gurley's status:

By the time I looked over there he was walking off the field. He did okay, but he's not ready to practice right now. I'm not going to count him out because he is progressing, he is getting better. He's rehabbing, he's getting better, but not good enough to practice today. He did not take any reps.

Third string:

We're working Karempelis, Harton and A.J. [Turman]. Those guys all need to get reps and know what they need to do.

Kick returns without Scott-Wesley:

We've had Davis back there, so he'll be there. We were liking what Davis was doing. We've repped J.J. and Sheldon Dawson.


We're learning. We're growing an sometimes growing is painful at times. It takes time. It sounds like a broken record, but a big part of defense is to get them into third down and those mediums and longs. Not to say I don't have concern, but we've been doing a good job of getting them into those third down situations.

Quayvon Hicks:

Sometimes after the game you just get something that is sore. I don't know what it was, but sometimes your adrenaline just allows you to go. He practiced today.

Special Teams play:

Not good enough. There's been some catastrophic plays. You can't have those types of plays. You take the two catastrophic plays out, we've been excellent, but you can't do that. You can't take those out. Most of our kickoffs and coverages have been excellent, but you get one that scores a touchdown and you get beat.

Bennett's return:

That's good. I'm not a doctor, but from what I'm hearing my best guess is he's got a really good shot at the Florida game with his scope. They cleaned up the meniscus rather than repair it. They trimmed it up.

Chris Conley's leadership:

He is the poster child for dependability. He's maximizing, in my opinion, every gift that God gave him. He's not perfect, but he seems to try his best on every single rep in practice. He seems to care very much about school. He takes his position as a veteran and a leader very seriously. Every chance he gets he's trying to help those guys know what to do. He cares about team, he cares about people and he's an awesome guy. I think a lot of it stems from how he was raised and his faith. It's very impressive.

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