HD Video: Richt's Wednesday Conference

ATHENS - Mark Richt speaks with media following Wednesday's practice before the Vanderbilt game.

Mark Richt:

Wednesday, glad that's over with. Just means it's been a pretty long grind; a lot of practices, a lot of meetings, a lot of preparation.

Ramik Wilson is back:

He looked good. I think he'll be fine, yeah.

Receiver numbers:

There's too much to learn. We've not taken anybody from another position to play receiver.

Early kickoff in Nashville:

It will be very early. The pregame meal will be around seven, four hours before kickoff. It'll be more like 7:30 on our biological clocks. You've just got to wake up and get it going. We need guys to be alert and active and ready to go.

Do you expect a war on Saturday?

You're darn right I do. I haven't seen anything to make me think any differently.

Tray Matthews' absence:

Obviously we'd like to have him back and have him playing. It's so hard to know, especially the first time you have a hamstring [injury], when you're ready to go back. We've just got to be careful. We're better when all our guys are healthy so we'd certainly like to have him back.

Kennar Johnson:

More than likely he will be [redshirted].

Transfers being redshirted:

We wanted to get some junior college guys so there would be some separation between classes. That was part of the strategy. This past year has been different than some other years, so it's not necessarily a disappointment.

Jonathon Rumph:

We were wanting to play Rumph. Our goal was to play him this year when we saw him perform in camp. It was around this time when Chris Conley started playing his true freshmen year and he had a heck of a year.

Todd Gurley: If we played tomorrow, he wouldn't be playing tomorrow. I know that. We're preparing to play without him.

Key to this game:

It's always how well can you execute what you do. Obviously our turnover ratio isn't where it should be. We need to win that.

Running backs catching passes:

Missouri was very committed to zone coverage. It was pretty much true zone coverage. They were kind of forcing us to take the check downs. We never did take the lead. They never really had to change that strategy. That's a lot of the reason why balls where caught underneath.

Last game at Vanderbilt:

I think in 2007 we kicked a field goal with just seconds to go and we ended up number two in the country that year. The difference between winning and losing is very, very slim so we've got to be ready to play.

Georgia guys at Vandy:

They have at least 19 or 20 guys from Georgia. I think Vanderbilt gets fired up to play everybody.

John Theus this week:

At this moment [John] Theus is lining up at number one. He played well last week. He deserves a chance to start.

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