Kentucky Week: Tuesday's Rundown

ATHENS - Georgia hit the field on Tuesday to prepare for its last home game of the season with Kentucky.

1. For those still picking up the pieces from Saturday's loss at Auburn, you're not alone. Mark Richt is still thinking about it, but he's mostly shaken off the loss and set his mind on the Dawgs' upcoming matchup with Kentucky. Georgia fell to the Tigers 43-38 in Auburn last weekend and it was obviously a tough way to lose. The Dawgs were in position to win the game before a haunting touchdown completion from Nick Marshall shattered Georgia's momentum.

"This game we kind of got there and then it got ripped out from under us, so to speak and it was tough," Richt said. "But then we get the ball again, and here we go again. We're down there about to sling it into the end zone a couple of times where we could have had a double miracle so to speak."

That double miracle didn't happen, though, and Georgia has to shift its attention to a conference matchup with the Wildcats. Georgia isn't seeming to have a problem getting over the loss now that its players have had some time to get it out of their systems.

"Once we hit the field, let's get back to work," Richt said. "I saw good spirits, good tempo and good efforts [last night]. I think that's the best medicine going back to work. It certainly was a tough game, and I'm sure that in the offseason it may be thought about more than most games, but right now we don't have time for that."

2. The game with Kentucky will be Georgia's last home game of the season, and for seniors it will be the last game they play at Sanford Stadium. It's certainly a time to repay them for the time they've put in wearing red and black.

"It's a game that certainly means a lot to us. We are playing at home for the last time and playing hopefully our best game for our seniors and honoring those guys with how we go about our business this week in practice and in the game," Richt said. "It's the last shot between the hedges for everybody this year."

3. Three of the players Georgia will lose to graduation are offensive linemen; Kenarious Gates, Dallas Lee and Chris Burnette. Richt and his offensive unit will miss those players, but they can't dwell on it now. There are still games to play this season.

"I'm not going to say things like that never cross my mind, but I won't bring it up to staff, and I won't be talking to anybody about those things," Richt said. "But you know, those things will roll through my mind once in a while, but I am one to focus on what's happening this week and next week, obviously, but I know there's a little bit of time in between."

4. Georgia's defense has been questioned constantly this season, so it's no surprise that more questions arose after Saturday's loss at Auburn. Marshall's fourth quarter touchdown pass was a big play, but it was one of very few Georgia gave up in that game.

"I'll just say this - I was pleased with how we finished that last game," Richt said. "Other than that one play, there was a string of some great defense being played, just to allow us to get back into the game without trying to do some desperation onside kick."

The effort is there.

"I think they're playing hard as heck and trying to get better," Richt said.

5. Another Dawg playing his final game between the hedges on Saturday is quarterback Aaron Murray. The senior has clearly made the most of his time at Georgia. He's earned the respect of his teammates and will aim to go out on a high note.

"Aaron has been awesome," tailback Todd Gurley said. "Just being here for as long as he's been here he's done so much for this team and the university and it's going to be hard to replace him next year. He's definitely the best quarterback in SEC history. The record says it all."

Murray has often said it's not about records for him, but he's got them now. Saturday's game will undoubtedly be an emotional one for him. It commences a new step in his career as well as his life outside Athens.

"It's going to be wild," Murray said. "I know we've got to control them a little bit because the main thing is we've got to win the game. We've got to go out there and compete and get ready for another SEC opponent."

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