Dawg Post's Photos of the Year 2013

ATHENS - The best and most telling photographs from the cameras of Dawg Post for 2013.

Each year Dawg Post cameras snap more than 30,000 images attempting to tell its users a story visually. For instance, during football games Dean Legge, Ethan Butch and Wes Muilenburg use no less than six cameras a game to capture as many images as possible form as many different angles as possible. Sometimes the results are unique and stunning... more often they are not. In fact, the trio usually only produces one or two truly "good" images a game.

Take a look at the images we selected to tell the tale of 2013 - both the good times and the bad.

The photo gallery is meant to be viewed with flash, which means if you are viewing it on an iPhone or iPad you need to click here in order to view the images. But, again, they are best viewed with the link below:

Dawg Post's Photos of the Year 2013

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