Consistently Inconsistent

ATHENS – If you are as perplex about the up-and-down nature of Georgia's basketball season then you've not been watching the Bulldogs for very long.

The only thing you can count on Georgia to do under Mark Fox is to be good at home in SEC play and bad on the road.

What other explanation could there be for losing at Auburn – a team that had won once in conference play before Georgia rolled into town?

There is no explanation. Inconsistency is the name of the game with Georgia basketball, and that is a problem that has not been solved for years. I know that it is difficult to win basketball games on the road (actually it is difficult to win any competition on the road), but Georgia has really, really struggled under Fox while traveling.

This year Georgia has won once on the road – at #21 Missouri, which was unquestionable a great win for the program. But true to form the Bulldogs followed that up with road losses to #7 Florida, #14 Kentucky and lowly Auburn. Two of those losses are understandable… one is not.

So why, right now, write something about winning on the road in the SEC if Georgia just beat LSU at home to get back into a tie for fourth place in the league? Isn't Georgia playing at home against Texas A&M this weekend?

They are playing the Aggies at home, but the only way this program will get to where it needs to be (and no one is confusing being 11-10 as being where this program should be) is to win on the road in the SEC, or just win on the road period.

Again, under Fox, Georgia is a combined 8-30 in games played in places other than Stegeman Coliseum in the last three years. In his career Fox is 19-51 not in Athens. Any post-season hopes and dreams lies in at least breaking even from here on out on the road.

The Bulldogs are 11-10 and amazingly tied for fourth place in the conference after Thursday night's results. But of the five road games remaining Georgia should really only be expected to win one of them – at South Carolina. The failures on the road put tremendous pressure on the team to win at home, and the home slate isn't the easiest thing on Earth either.

The point? Georgia has to start picking it up on the road and away from Athens. This program should be better than this right now, and while the recruiting is another story for another day, the road woes have got to stop.

Mark Fox has had three losing seasons in four years in Athens due in major part because of difficulty winning away from home. I'm not sure he can survive another losing season, and in order to avoid that the play on the road is going to have to improve right now.

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