UGA VI takes pictures with well over 1,000 fans

UGA VI did a heck of a job allowing over 1,000 fans to take thousands of pictures of him Saturday.

He was huffing and puffing all day long, but in the end he got the job done. I am not talking about a quarterback battling it out for the starting job, instead I am talking about UGA VI, the greatest mascot in the world, bar none.

It may not seem like a long time, but for a dog to sit for 2 hours and take pictures with well over 1,000 fans is an accomplishment. UGA VI was a trooper on Saturday, taking special interest in the smallest children and those children that were most vulnerable to his intimidating presence.

Every once in a while UGA VI would start breathing loudly and the picturefest would pause momentarily in order to let the famous pooch partake in the drinking of water. After being satisfied with water, UGA VI would look longingly at the bucket of ice that the Seilers and the Classic Center staff kept well stocked on the side of the podium. Whenever UGA would act up a little, a piece of ice was given to him and he laid his giant body down and allowed the pictures to continue.

The most fanatical people were those who where in line when their fellow bulldog fans' cameras would not take. You could see the eyes rolling and the tempers beginning to flare until the pictures were taken and the line moved on. Athletic Director Vince Dooley even got into the act, having his picture taken with the hairy dog for the media, the fans were a little more tolerant of this line breaker than most.

When asked about the Dooley line-cutting incident, UGA VI had no comment.

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