Dawgs Have Everything to Prove

ATLANTA – So now Georgia has its chance to prove that it is a legit college basketball entity.

It will not be easy.

But it will be – at least the chance will. Georgia will have to beat Kentucky, one way or the other, in order to get into the NCAA Tournament. The Dawgs will probably have to win two games in a row against teams they lost to by double digits on the road – Kentucky and either the Gators or Tennessee.

Again, the task is a difficult one. Beating the Cats will involve getting past their passionate crowd, which is probably the biggest neutral-court advantage in college basketball. If they win that game, Georgia will likely face the #1 team in country – the Mighty Gators – who certainly looked the part of their lofty ranking.

Look, either you win or you lose at this point. As good as the momentum is for this season's basketball team; as good as the win was late on Friday night; as good as the Bulldog crowd was against the Rebs – Georgia will either still be able to get into the NCAAs or not on Saturday night.

This is a black-and-white world. Its tough to play this well and not go on to play in the Big Dance.

The scoreboard > everything else.

But that's sort of implying that Georgia will lose. That's really the wrong way to look at things right now. After all, Kentucky – for all of Cal's "tweaking" – it still an on-the-court mental case. Their fans – picky as they are – are not sold that the Cats have it all figured out… probably because they haven't. And the players can feel the angst in Big Blue Nation.

That means Georgia just needs to hang around on Saturday afternoon. They need to stay out of foul trouble and hit a few threes. They need for doubt to creep into Big Blue Nation – and then they need to make a play, and block out like crazy. The Dawgs won't out-athlete the Cats, but they can want it more on this one day.

If that doesn't happen the Dawgs' season, for all intents and purposes, will end. But, and that's a big but, if Georgia can topple these schizophrenic Cats (Kentucky is 4-4 in their last eight games and will be overlooking the Bulldogs) the entire country will serve notice.

And the pundits should take another look at what would be a 20-win Georgia team.

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