Bobo's QBs - A Brief Review

ATHENS – It remains to be seen what Georgia will do with respect to signing a 2015 quarterback or not.

But the jury is in on quarterback in the Mike Bobo-Mark Richt era of football – and the verdict is guilty… guilty of being very, very good.

Here is a quick look back at every quarterback the Bulldogs have signed or played since the 2001 season:


David Greene N/A

The Buzz: A tall, left-handed quarterback, Greene was signed by Jim Donnan. He redshirted his first season in Athens and then beat out Corey Phillips during the first spring practices Mark Richt ever held.

At Georgia: Hobnail Boot; 2002 SEC Championship; 2003 SEC East title; Went 3-1 in bowl games and helped turn around Georgia from could have been to champions.

It is hard to know what Greene should be remembered for most – but it is hard to forget Larry Munson's second most famous call… the Hobnail Boot. Greene and Georgia faught all afternoon with Tennessee in Knoxville, and appeared on the way to an upset. That was before the Vols took a screen pass nearly the length of the field to give Tennessee an apparent victory.

Enter David Greene's clock management and some great catches by Randy McMichael. The next thing you know Georgia is on Tennessee's six-yard line with the clock running out. Greene took the snap, ball faked and found Verron Hayes in the middle of the checkerboard end zone.

Georgia, as it turns out, would never be the same – the Vols certainly wouldn't either.

But that was 2001 – and Greene's four-year run at Georgia was just shy of legendary. He knocked out Arkansas to win the SEC in 2002; took out the Noles at the Sugar Bowl on New Year's Day 2003. Greene had to figure out how to win with a rookie offensive line in 2003 – and still got Georgia back to Atlanta at the SEC Championship. He lead Georgia back from a 16-0 deficit in Columbia to comeback and silence the Cocks 20-16, blistered Nick Saban's man-to-man coverage in Georgia's route of LSU, finally took out the Gators and beat Georgia Tech for a fourth year in a row in 2004.

How it Ended: With Greene as the winningest quarterback in the history of college football. He was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs and stayed in the NFL for a short stint.


D.J. Shockley N/A

The Buzz: The first quarterback Mark Richt recruited in Athens, Shockley was a dual-threat signal caller from North Clayton. Richt had pursued Shockley to come play for him at Florida State. He was considered the top quarterback in Georgia that year.

At Georgia: Shockley would have played the same four years at Georgia as David Greene. Richt has said in the past that Shockley would have played against Houston the week after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, but the game was delayed until the end of the season. Greene had his moment in the sun a few weeks later in Knoxville. Shockley waited, and played, behind Greene for three years. He had good experiences (vs. Clemson and at Kentucky in 2002) and bad (vs. Florida in 2002, at LSU in 2003 and vs. Georgia Tech in 2004) in those three years. But the pressure was on in 2005 to deliver, and he did.

Fans and media openly questioned if Shockley could get the job done and wondered out loud if he could replace Greene. But Shockley performed huge in big games – against Boise State, Tennessee, Georgia Tech and LSU – giving the Bulldogs their second SEC title in three years in 2005 – upsetting the #3 Tigers in the process.

How it Ended: After several seasons with the Falcons and a few in other professional football leagues, Shockley is most well known as the guy who waited for his turn to play at Georgia and saw that payoff in adoration from Georgia fans for life.


Joe Tereshinski #20 QB in Country

The Buzz: A local product from Athens Academy, Tereshinski was considered one of the top quarterbacks in Georgia in 2002.

At Georgia: Was supposed to be the next D.J. Shockley – a senior waiting his turn – but the prowess of freshman Matthew Stafford was too much to overcome for Tereshinski. One of the top moments of his career was catching a touchdown pass thrown from Thomas Brown on a trick play vs. Florida in 2005. Tereshinski was playing for an injured D.J. Shockley at quarterback, but the Bulldogs lost 14-10 in Jacksonville.

How it Ended: When lowly Vanderbilt upset the Bulldogs at homecoming in Athens in October 2006. Richt said after the game that he was going with Stafford the rest of the way that season. Tereshinski is now an assistant coach at Charlotte, which just started its football program.


Blake Barnes #21 QB in Country

The Buzz: Barnes was "highly talked about since the summer between his freshman and sophomore seasons." He was a three-star quarterback from Baldwyn, Mississippi.

At Georgia: Not much to write home about. Most notable event: Being listed as the co-#3 quarterback in Georgia's first official depth chart of the 2006 season with future #1 NFL pick Matthew Stafford. He never saw the field in a meaningful way at Georgia. Barnes' career line was 2-of-3 passing for nine yards.

How it Ended: Barnes left Georgia after the 2007 season.


A.J. Bryant #10 QB in Country

The Buzz: Bryant was a four-star dual threat quarterback according to Scout described him as "one of the fastest players in the south for the class of 2004 just happens to play quarterback".

At Georgia: As it turns out Bryant couldn't play quarterback very well – at least not in college. During bowl practices for the 2005 Outback Bowl it was obvious that Bryant couldn't make it as a signal caller because of his inaccurate arm. He moved to wide receiver where he struggled to make an impact. During his first three years Bryant totaled 22 catches for 393 yards and two touchdowns.

How it Ended: He suffered meniscus damage in the second game of the 2007 season and didn't make much impact after that.


Joe Cox #22 QB in Country

The Buzz: Cox was a four-star quarterback from Independence in North Carolina. He was called a "very polished coming out of a school that runs a very sophisticated offense. Arm deceptively strong, but his accuracy and spin are terrific."

At Georgia: Cox didn't have a "deceptively strong" arm. He didn't have a strong arm at all by the time he played at Georgia. Still, he waited his turn, but struggled to replace the production of Matthew Stafford. The Bulldogs struggled under Cox – losing five games for the first time in the Mark Richt era. After being blown out by Tennessee and Florida, Cox and the Bulldogs recovered to take out ranked Auburn and Georgia Tech. He ended his career with a win over Texas A&M. But the thing that sticks with me more than anything else is what Cox said after the Bulldogs were upset by Kentucky in November. "No one wants to go out a loser," Cox said. "And we did tonight. It is a horrible way to end my career in Athens."

How it Ended: With a win over Texas A&M, but a huge upset of #8 Georgia Tech to stamp the end his career.


Matthew Stafford #2 QB in Country

The Buzz: Stafford was a five-star quarterback from Dallas, Texas. He was considered the #2 quarterback in the country – behind Mitch Mustain, but in front of Tim Tebow.

At Georgia: Stafford got on campus in the winter of 2006 a little heavy and in a log jam for the #1 quarterback spot going into the fall. It was evident to anyone watching that he had the most talent of the group, but he was mistake prone at the start of the 2006 season. He was listed behind #1 Joe Tereshinski and #2 Joe Cox with Blake Barnes as the co-#3 signal caller for the Bulldogs in the fall of 2006.

But when Tereshinski got hurt in the first quarter of Georgia's game at South Carolina, Stafford took over. It was sloppy, but the Bulldogs won the game 18-0 in Columbia. Stafford struggled the next weeks against UAB and Colorado before being pulled in favor of Joe Cox, who lead the Dawgs on a game-winning drive to beat the Buffs.

The next week the starter for the game, either Cox or Stafford, was not named until an hour before the game – and it was Cox. But he, too, struggled to produce and was pulled in favor of Stafford, and the Bulldogs rallied to a shaky road win in Oxford.

A week later, undefeated and hosting #13 Tennessee, Tereshinski started for the #10 Bulldogs and got the Dawgs out to a 24-7 lead just before the half. But the Vols outscored the Dawgs 44-11, including 27 points in the fourth quarter, to earn an unexpected blowout in Athens.

The next week Tereshinski started again – in a 24-22 loss to Vanderbilt in Athens. Mark Richt said after the game the Bulldogs would go with Stafford the rest of the year. He would never hold a clipboard again.

Stafford and Georgia held on to beat Mississippi State 27-24, before losing to #9 Florida thanks to five turnovers. The next week was the low point in Stafford's career at Georgia – losing at Kentucky 24-20 and getting his face bruised in the process. Stafford threw three interceptions, and Georgia forfeited the ball four times to help the Cats win.

From that point forward the Stafford-lead Dawgs were 24-5 – including a win in the 2008 Sugar Bowl. But Stafford never won an SEC division title in Athens.

How it Ended: Stafford was selected as the #1 overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. He has been the starting quarterback for the Detroit Lions since the end of the 2009 season. He signed a $53 million contract extension on July 13, 2013.


Logan Gray #12 QB in Country

The Buzz: Gray "has decent size, good speed and is a dangerous runner and passer. Gray has good arm strength and is very accurate, especially on the short and intermediate routes." He was considered a four-star quarterback, and the #12 overall quarterback in the country by

At Georgia: Never started a game at quarterback; eventually focused on punt return and wide receiver.

How it Ended: Transferred to Colorado after graduating from Georgia to finish his final season of eligibility.


Aaron Murray #3 QB in Country

The Buzz: Murray is "one of the most complete quarterbacks of his class. He lacks the size of a true pocket passer, but understands positioning within the pocket and has uncanny awareness. Has excellent feet and can slide to open throwing lanes, thus negating the height issue

At Georgia: Murray became one of the fans' favorite all-time quarterbacks with his performance in his senior season in Athens. But getting to that point was a serious struggle with doubters around each corner.

Murray redshirted in 2009, but possibly would have played had tendentious not limited him that fall. He beat out Logan Gray and Zach Mettenberger in the spring of 2010, according to Mark Richt, and was the starter for every game but two in which he was a part of the Bulldogs' program – only missing those two contests because of a season-ending injury.

Murray was the first quarterback since David Greene to take the Bulldogs to back-to-back SEC Championship Games. Murray and the Bulldogs' attempt to win the 2012 SEC Championship Game, considered the greatest title game played in the conference's history, came up yards short of a victory.

Murray beat Auburn twice; Florida three times and both Tennessee and Georgia Tech four times each. His legacy is that of team and toughness. Murray might be the best "college" quarterback every to have played at Georgia.

How it Ended: With an ACL tear during the final home game of the 2013 season. Murray turned the ship around at Georgia, but had to leave the field for the last time at Sanford Stadium before the game ended and on crutches.


Zach Mettenberger #14 QB in Country

The Buzz: Mettenberger "has the most upside in a very talented class" said in 2008. "He has a very big arm and can easily make the toughest throws." Mettenberger was considered a four-star quarterback.

At Georgia: Mettenberger redshirted the 2009 season and got ready for the battle for the starting quarterback job in the spring of 2010. But Mettenberger was arrested in tiny Remerton, which is entirely located inside the city limits of Valdosta. Weeks later Mark Richt kicked him off the roster – and named Murray the #1 quarterback going into the fall.

How it Ended: With Mettenberger transferring to be the starting quarterback at LSU. His never-ending thriller with Aaron Murray and Georgia in 2013 was a made-for-TV classic that CBS broadcast to America in late September. Georgia won 44-41 that day, but Mettenberger was nearly lights out in the loss. It has to be considered one of the top games ever played in Sanford Stadium.


Hutson Mason #53 QB in Country

The Buzz: Mason was, well, a bit of an afterthought. He committed to the Bulldogs only two months before signing in February of 2010. recruiting analyst Chad Simmons said Mason "makes very quick decisions and has great touch with the ball", but that he "needs to improve his arm strength."

At Georgia: Mason played as a true freshman as the backup to Aaron Murray – giving Mason no separation between himself and the guy who would be the entrenched starter for four years in Athens.

It wasn't easy for Mason to stay in Athens – he said publically several times that he had considered leaving in order to play meaningful time in college. After all, there was no guarantee that Mason was every going to be the starter at Georgia. Mason even decided to redshirt in 2012 – knowing that he would have to burn his redshirt at a moment's notice that year if Murray got hurt in the SEC Championship Game or beyond.

Murray announced that he would come back for his final season in Athens in January 2013, and it seemed that Mason would have to wait yet another season to play. But in the final home game of the year, Kentucky, Murray's career in silver britches ended and Mason's playing days began in full force.

If Mason never does a single thing again for the Bulldogs he will be remembered for being the quarterback to guide Georgia to a 20-point come-from-behind win over Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

How it Ended: We don't know yet. Mason's legacy at Georgia will have everything to do with the 2014 season. He's going to get one shot to make it big.


Christian LeMay #8 QB in Country

The Buzz: Whatever the buzz – it was wrong. LeMay was either sidetracked by being thrown out of Butler High School in 2010, or scouts missed on him.

At Georgia: Did nothing of note; didn't start or play a significant snap his entire time in Athens.

How it Ended: With LeMay transferring from Georgia with two years left to play at a 1-AA school.


Faton Bauta #24 QB in Country

The Buzz: People didn't even know if Georgia was going to play Bauta at quarterback, but he was given a scholarship understanding that he would play quarterback for the Bulldogs. Many insiders thought he would wind up playing somewhere other than under center.

At Georgia: So far Bauta has been a reserve quarterback for the Bulldogs. He's played in one or two specialty situations, but nothing of note yet. There is no indication that he will play a position besides quarterback at Georgia. He is known as one of the harder workers on the team, but is limited in terms of his quarterbacking abilities. It is hard to imagine him being the starting quarterback at Georgia for any length of time.

How it Ended: He is considered the backup quarterback going into 2014 spring practices. He will have to hold off Brice Ramsey to get the starting nod in the future, and that will be a challenge.


Brice Ramsey #7 QB in Country

The Buzz: It depends on whom you ask. Most scouts felt like Ramsey was one of the top pure throwers in the country in the 2013 class. Skeptics, and there were a few, felt like they had not seen enough of the Camden County native, and that his development in the Wildcats' Wing-T offense would be limited. considered Ramsey a four-star prospect.

At Georgia: Redshirted his first fall in Athens – nothing of note yet.

How it Ended: We don't know. Ramsey's future certainly seems bright, but he will have to do it when the band is playing.


Jacob Park #8 QB in Country

The Buzz: The top quarterback in South Carolina, Park got an offer from the Bulldogs in the summer of 2013 and committed to Georgia soon thereafter. Like Ramsey, Murray, Mettenberger and the rest before him, Park was selected as an Elite 11 quarterback.

At Georgia: Has enrolled at Georgia; is expected to redshirt this fall.

How it Ended: We don't know as he's only been on campus less than a semester.

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