Spring, Day 4: The Rundown

ATHENS - Take a look at Dawg Post's rundown of Tuesday's Spring football practice.

1. Today was one of the colder practices of the Spring. Actually, the wind made it pretty miserable out there. It was also the first day Georgia practiced in full pads. Luckily for the players, hitting gave them something to stay moving and motivated about, according to Mark Richt. There were a lot of things he liked out there, and seemed more optimistic than he has following any practice this Spring.

"I think we're making a lot of progress," Richt said. "We're making a lot of progress. Guys are running to the ball on defense and we're getting some really good what we call 'thuds.' Just a lot of hats to the football right now."

He thought the full contact had a lot to do with his team's energy Tuesday.

"That usually cranks off the hitting. The first time you tackle in the Spring it usually gets everybody's blood pumping, and it did," Richt said. "It kind of kept their blood pumping throughout the day, but I was really pleased with the energy. It probably had a little something to do with it being a little cold and windy. Everybody just wanted to keep moving."

2. Punishments have yet to be dealt to those players arrested just one day before the team's first Spring practice. While it may seem no one will be dismissed from the team due to the fact they're all practicing, Richt says that's not necessarily the case right now. Rest assured, though, there is minor punishment being assigned for the moment.

"I wouldn't put anything out of the realm of possibilities right now," Richt said. "Right now we're just allowing them to continue to work and when the discipline is laid out…there's some happening right now, just some early morning running and things of that nature, but there's more to come and just thinking it through real good."

3. The offensive line put Will Friend in a bad mood today, according to Richt. I was able to see the offensive line practice for a bit, but didn't observe anything too noteworthy. However, I did see Friend get fired up a few times out there. That's kind of just his style, though.

"Coach Friend was not a happy man today," Richt said. "Maybe not the whole day, but he had a couple of moments there where he was not really happy. We just evaluate film every day and we try to put the guys out there based on what they did the day before."

4. Kolton Houston, one of Friend's offensive tackles, is a player that's taking this portion of the season very seriously. It's one of the few times in his career he's been able to focus solely on football and the role he'll play in the fall. Richt says he's looking better than ever.

"I think he's stronger than he's been in a while," Richt said. "I think he's more focused, obviously. He's got quite a matchup most of the time dealing with Leonard Floyd. It's going to make him better."

Another area that will make Houston better will be getting bigger in terms of weight. According to Richt, Houston had a stomach bug of sorts last week that left him weighing in the low 280s at the beginning of Spring. Ideally, he'll be playing in the 290-295 range, but that's just the goal right now.

"I think he's practicing well," Richt said. "I think he looks stronger and it will be fun to see what he does with a whole offseason, too."

5. One thing that will help coaches begin to evaluate players more extensively will be a scrimmage on Saturday. After Saturday, more will be revealed to the coaching staff.

"Usually after the first scrimmage we have a little better feel of depth chart moves, but there's some depth chart movement going on at different spots, but we'll know a lot more after that first scrimmage," Richt said.

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