Assistants Sound Off: The Rundown

ATHENS - Take a look at Dawg Post's rundown of Tuesday's Spring football practice.

1. Consistency is everything. At least for wide receivers coach Tony Ball it is. Ball says the new practice format has allowed the receivers to devote a little extra time to fundamentals. Everyone has to get better at something.

"The group has worked," Ball said. "We've had some up and down days; not as consistent as we need to be."

Of course Jonathon Rumph has his size and Reggie Davis has his speed, but now the key is adding to those attributes. With the extra time, both as a result of fewer receivers practicing due to injuries and a new practice format, Spring is as good a time as any.

"Guys are getting a lot of reps and having an opportunity to work on those little things," Ball said. "We've got to be a lot more consistent in what we're doing, but there's been a lot of good work and a lot of good things happening."

2. Conditioning is a must for Georgia's defense. Defensive line coach Tracy Rocker says the effort is there, but the defenders have to adjust to the new scheme. They've got to be in shape, and they've got to be able to maintain the energy.

"The biggest thing right now is to get them in better condition because in the past Georgia just played in a 3-4 defense whereas we play in multiple defenses, so we're doing a variety of things so we need to be leaner and faster," Rocker said.

What does the defensive line need to work on in the coming weeks, months, etc.? Playing together, of course.

"For us to be successful on defense we've got to have more active plays and better effort," Rocker said. "The biggest thing is to have assists. If we don't have assists as d-linemen that mean's we're not chasing the ball; we're not doing the things we need to do to be successful."

3. What's new with the offensive line?

Well for one, the competition is still live. Nothing is locked down at the moment, but that's Spring football.

"It's just another day at work," offensive line coach Will Friend said.

The competition is mainly at guard at the moment. Friend wants to see someone thrive, but they haven't in his opinion.

"Nobody's kind of stepped up and said they want to be the guard yet," Friend said. "I think Greg Pyke had a good Spring and I think he'll get better as we got through it, but we're not performing the way we need to inside right now."

So what's Pyke been doing to set himself apart from the others?

"He's a really good athlete. He's playing with power," Friend said. "It started coming on for him at the end of the Fall last year and he worked really well this offseason. He's played pretty good so far this Spring."

4. Mike Ekeler's impressed with the talent he's got at linebacker. After all, he does have Ramik Wilson and Amarlo Herrera to work with - two of the SEC's finest.

"They're really focused in on working on their technique; focused in on trying to do everything exactly right that Coach (Jeremy) Pruitt wants," Ekeler said. "I'm excited about their potential."

Ekeler requires only a few things. One of those is holding yourself accountable and the other is taking all the proper steps necessary to make yourself better.

"I want to coach guys that are passionate, want to get better, want to be great and when they watch the film I want them to be critical of themselves and that's what we're looking for," Ekeler said.

5. Tight end and Georgia signee Jeb Blazevich was present for Georgia's practice on Friday. He's getting a chance to see where the Dawgs currently sit in terms of tight end. At the moment, Jay Rome is in a green jersey while Jordan Davis and Quayvon Hicks are taking the reps. Blazevich better be ready to play in the Fall.

"No doubt. I think that's the way you always recruit guys anyway is you tell them you prepare to play and get ready to play," tight ends coach John Lilly said. "We generally are going to play three or four guys at that position pretty extensively, depending on what packages we're in and so on. They have to be ready to play."

Lilly expects Blazevich to fit right in.

"He's been exposed to a lot of things offensively so I think it'll be an easy transition for him," Lilly said.

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