Spring Football: Thursday's Rundown

ATHENS - Take a look at Dawg Post's rundown of Thursday's Spring football practice.

1. J.J. Green, the running back turned defensive back, was taking reps with the first-team defense at safety on Thursday. It is Spring, and everyone's getting looks, but Green may be the guy making the most of his opportunity. After all, he seemed pretty confident in his abilities following Georgia's first Spring scrimmage on Saturday.

I wouldn't plan on seeing him primarily at safety, though. He's only playing there now because Jeremy Pruitt wants each defensive player to be familiar with multiple positions.

"It's not permanent," Green said. "Coach wanted everybody to learn a different position just in case we have to throw somebody out there because of injuries."

Green says he is more likely to play at the star position in the fall - the position he claims to be most familiar with.

"I know I can play star because I already learned it," Green said. "I'm just going to learn another position just in case."

Pruitt says there's still time to make a final ruling, though.

"He's worked some corner, he's worked some star (and) he's worked some safety so he's worked three different positions and we're just trying to find a home for him," Pruitt said.

2. I got a chance toward the end of the open periods to take a look at the quarterbacks, who they were throwing to, how they were doing, etc.

The quarterbacks were throwing some medium-range throws and most of the tosses I saw were accurate. Hutson Mason's throw to Chris Conley was caught, Faton Bauta's throw to Reggie Davis was caught and Brice Ramsey's throw to Blake Tibbs was caught. However, Jacob Park's throw to Clay Johnson was a little high and dropped. It did hit his hands, though.

The race for the backup spot is still as open as ever, but either Bauta or Ramsey will have to step up in one of Georgia's upcoming scrimmages to take a lead. Obviously the conditions weren't great for quarterbacks during Georgia's first scrimmage, with a little rain on and off, but one has to set himself apart from the other when there's a game-like situation.

There's little to no separation between Bauta and Ramsey at the moment, according to Mike Bobo.

"Really all of them are battling for playing time," Bobo said. "I think Coach Richt said it earlier, Hutson (Mason) came in as number one, but they're all battling to be that guy and try and get as high as they can. All three guys have repped with the ones, Hutson obviously the most, and Hutson's done a nice job. I'm challenging all those guys to try to win a job and it's not just talk either. The best guy's gonna play."

3. Talks about Georgia's running backs have been relatively quiet throughout the Spring. Obviously Todd Gurley is supposedly full go, but Keith Marshall is still taking it easy and wearing green. While we may see a lot of Marshall, Bobo says the media viewing period is about the only time he's really getting reps.

"I think Keith could probably go more, but we're just trying to be smart with Keith," Bobo said. "I think he's ahead of the rehab and looks good so I'm excited for Keith and we're ready to get him back."

Prior to Spring practice, questions surfaced about how much Gurley would be able to do when Spring practice started. He seems to be handling himself well.

"I think Todd has done a good job of pushing through in practice like a great player should," Bobo said. "He's done a nice job. He did a nice job today and broke a long run at the end of practice; almost the whole length of the field. When he practices hard that does a lot for our football team and shows leadership."

4. Bobo was a bit more critical of his offense as a whole than he was of his running backs.

"We've had our ups and downs, but way too many downs this Spring, in my opinion," Bobo said. "We've got to get better. We're not executing at a standard high enough to win or beat anybody right now."

5. Everyone's hyped Jeremy Pruitt's energetic style this Spring, and while it can't be denied, it's not just him getting after it out on the practice fields.

"You look at Coach Rock (Tracy Rocker), you look at Coach (Kevin) Sherrer, you look at Coach Ek (Ekeler) and you watch those guys coach," Pruitt said. "They're flying around the field, they're getting after their guys (and) they're very demanding so it's not me, it's them."

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