Scrimmage #2: The Rundown

ATHENS - Take a look at Dawg Post's rundown of Saturday's Spring football scrimmage.

1. The offense was a lot more balanced in Georgia's second scrimmage than it was in its first. According to a few offensive starters, the unit also played with a higher amount of energy. The weather was better, as was the blocking up front.

Playing that early in the morning wasn't too easy, though.

"It was pretty early so it was kind of hard to get my body to keep going, but I thought we diid pretty good as a whole in the scrimmage," Todd Gurley said.

Gurley carried the ball 10 times for a total of 67 yards. Next on the list was Brendan Douglas who had 13 carries for 40.

2. Regardless of how much the offensive line showed improvement from last Saturday's scrimmage, it still had a tough time keeping Ramik Wilson out of the backfield. The senior inside linebacker out of Tampa finished with a total of seven tackles in the Dawgs' second scrimmage.

"There was pretty good holes out there, but that boy Ramik, I can never get away from him," Gurley said.

The 6-foot-2, 232-pound defender had quarterback Hutson Mason rattled as well.

"You look around and there's Ramik again," Mason joked. "It's good to see them (defense) make plays, too."

3. The race for the backup quarterback spot is still just as alive as ever. However, it would be hard not to take Brice Ramsey's numbers from Saturday into consideration when making a decision. The redshirt freshman connected on nine of his 21 pass attempts for a total of 114 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. That lone interception hung in the air just a bit too long on a one-on-one takeoff, according to Mark Richt.

Faton Bauta hit on one of his five pass attempts for one yard, and threw one pick as well. Jacob Park completed one of his three pass attempts for six yards.

There's a lot to think about if you're Mike Bobo.

"They're working," Mason said. "I don't really kind of stick my nose into that situation, to be honest with you. They're all competing. Everybody's competing. People have asked me this several times. Faton kind of brings a different element than Brice. Park is probably the most athletic as far as waist down. Faton, like I said, can make plays with his legs, but he's also a very powerful runner. And then Brice has the best arm out of the whole group."

Bobo has an idea of what he wants, though, and he'll take all the time he needs to find it.

"I don't think Coach Bobo's going to go and change his whole system for one guy's strength," Mason said. "Coach Bobo knows the pro-style offense and that's what he's coached for years and so it's about who can adapt to his system. There is no set guy right now."

4. Reggie Carter was a defensive standout in Saturday's scrimmage. The sophomore inside linebacker finished with two tackles and an interception. The South Gwinnett alum only made it a few yards on his return before being knocked out of bounds.

"Reggie made some plays and he got an interception too, so he's coming along," Wilson said. "He's going to help us contribute this year."

Is he putting any pressure on Wilson and Amarlo Herrera?

"Yes he is," Wilson said. "He's trying and that's only going to make us better and push us harder, so we like the competition."

Following a productive scrimmage, Carter says he thinks his chances of getting on the field can only improve.

"I feel like if I keep progressing and getting the coaches' trust I will play," Carter said.

5. Gurley has high hopes for the 2014 season, and it starts in the Spring. According to Richt, Gurley wasn't putting all his effort forward at the beginning of Spring practice. The junior tailback is turning it around, though.

"He knows it. He started slow," Richt said. "I thought he started slow in Spring. Early practices, I thought he was ho-humming a little bit, but then this last week he was impressive. This past week I thought he was tremendous every day."

Want to talk high expectations? Reaching a conference championship alone wouldn't satisfy Gurley in 2014.

"We're just tired of just being mediocre; going to the SEC Championship game (and) not winning or going to the bowl game and losing, so we're just trying to start something new and just buy into the system," Gurley said.

Gurley has bought in.

"I probably had talked to the coaches; you know me and Coach Richt and B-Mac (McClendon)," Gurley said. "We just wanted to be out there and just go out there and practice hard and give it my all - just don't cut myself short."

Being a household name in his first two seasons in Athens, Gurley is nearing that point in his life where he's got to decide what he wants out of football.

"I don't think there's much doubt he's going to have to have some kind of decision to make when it's all over this year," Richt said. "He'll be draft eligible and if he plays as good as he can play and stays healthy he'll have to figure it out, and he knows that, but he wants to focus on this season and being the best he can and just enjoying college - enjoying being a kid."

Being a college kid isn't always easy when you're Todd Gurley, though.

"He likes being a normal guy. He wants to be as much as he can, but it's hard to be," Richt said. "You go out in public and people want your autograph. People want to take a picture with you."

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