Ramsey vs. Bauta

ATHENS - While the Spring game may not decide who assumes the role of Georgia's backup quarterback, it's a good place to start.

Redshirt freshman Brice Ramsey and redshirt sophomore Faton Bauta have been battling it out for Georgia's number two quarterback spot all Spring, and both have their own unique skill sets. Ramsey has a big arm, while Bauta is known for his ability to make plays with his legs. Both, however, are starting to come into their own lately.

"I've learned that I've got a lot to work on, believe it or not," Bauta said. "I've learned I do have some inconsistencies in my game and I have learned that it's going to be a process to fix it and it's definitely not going to be an easy task."

Bauta, a 6-foot-3, 216-pound quarterback out of West Palm Beach, Fla., has elected not to wear the black, non-contact jersey typical for his position during Georgia's past two Spring scrimmages. While his numbers haven't been outstanding in those games, it hasn't taken a toll on Bauta's morale.

"I do keep putting in the work no matter what the outcome is at practice some days," Bauta said. "Sometimes it's ugly, sometimes it's bad. You just have to learn to keep an even keel and just keep understanding that every day is going to be that challenge."

Ramsey's biggest challenge has obviously been inexperience due to the fact he sat out the entire 2013 season as a redshirt year. However, that time on the sidelines gave Ramsey a chance to take it all in - the playbook, mostly.

"Last year to this year, I feel like it's night and day," Ramsey said. "(I) definitely feel a lot more comfortable out there. I just need to work on becoming more consistent and just getting consistent back there and not getting too excited."

Ramsey says he sometimes struggles with making the easy throws because he gets a little too excited. That's often true for someone looking to make an impact in his first eligible season of play.

"I feel like I've got a pretty good grasp," Ramsey said. "There's always room for improvement and I've still got four more years. I plan to get better each and every year and keep grinding."

That grinding payed off for Ramsey in Georgia's second scrimmage as the 6-foot-3, 215-pound quarterback out of Camden County connected on nine of his 21 pass attempts for a total of 114 yards, two touchdowns and one interception.

"I think Brice has the best arm out of all of us," first-team quarterback Hutson Mason said. "He has a God-given arm that I wish I had and I tell him that all the time."

Ramsey isn't coasting on his arm alone, though.

"It's just another thing," Ramsey said. "You could have the best arm or the worst arm, (but) if you know what you're doing out there you're gonna be successful."

Success is all Bauta is thinking about at the moment. He's had a rough couple of scrimmages, but he's still thinking about his teammates and the position he can put them in to be the best team in the conference, and possibly the nation.

"I do put in the work because I want to see this team flourish," Bauta said. "We all want to be great and win a National Championship."

Saturday's G-Day exhibition will be a large chance for Bauta to prove to his fellow players, as well as Georgia fans that he is the right quarterback to do that. He's not too worried about one Spring game doing that, though.

"Not really worried about fans, honestly," Bauta said. "It's a game. I want to perform just to better my team, and again, to show that I'm able to maybe lead this team and maybe be 'the guy' someday - whenever that is."

While Mark Richt hasn't specified which team, red or black, Bauta and Ramsey will take their reps with, it's probably a good decision to keep an eye out for them on Saturday.

"A lot of competition. I don't think there's a clear frontrunner right now," wide receiver Chris Conley said. "I've seen both of them make great plays and great plays of different types. I've seen Faton be able to zip the ball in there (and) I've seen a huge cannon out of Brice."

Georgia's final Spring scrimmage is just the beginning of this quarterback battle.

"As the Spring and the Summer continues, then we'll maybe see some things clear up," Conley said.

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