Murray Helps Himself a Ton

ATHENS – Let's get the negatives out of the way right now: Aaron Murray is still only 6-0.5 and was wearing a knee brace.

If you were looking to find something else wrong with him today you were grasping at straws.

I've seen Aaron Murray throw since he was a 16-year old junior at Plant High School in Tampa. Today was one of the most significant days of his athletic life. He's been hurt before – also during a bad time – but today was about the money on the table.

And he made some money today. The statistics? According to Marc Weiszer, Murray was 48 of 54… everyone saw a drop or two out there. The conditions were nothing like a week ago as it was windy and cold.

Murray, only five months removed from being literally removed from the turf at Sanford Stadium threw well enough for former Georgia quarterback David Greene to repeatedly say: "good ball" or "wow, good throw."

It was one of those days: Murray had a lot to prove to a lot of people, and he did just that. Artie Lynch seemed to do just the same, but Murray had more to prove because of the injury.

Speaking of which, that ACL… how is Murray moving that well on it right now? I said as such out loud, and former Georgia safety Shawn Williams turned to me and said: "Dr. James Andrews."

Yes – Andrews oversaw Murray's rehabilitation, but it was Murray who quite obviously did every thing necessary to put himself in position to conduct a legitimate pro day workout in such a short time after being hit with a season-ending injury.

Murray has done so much through the last half decade for Georgia, but today was about him, and I am glad he did so well for himself. Murray has been and probably will continue to be a "pleaser", meaning that he wants to do for those around him as much as he wants to do for himself. I'm not sure if that will translate to the NFL the way it did in college. In many ways I think Murray could have helped himself and Georgia had he been more selfish.

That's not his nature. But today he did get the chance to be selfish, and it was to his benefit in a big way. The focus since he entered the Georgia State Patrol car just outside of the locker room so many months ago was about this day, and that focus paid off today.

Murray is the shortest quarterback likely to be drafted this year outside of Johnny Manziel. I would venture to say that after the success of "short" quarterbacks of late teams will be less concerned about height, but it will still be a major part of the NFL selection decision making next month. Before today CBS projected that Murray will go in the 4th round.

But what very well could happen is that a run on quarterbacks at the top of the draft could lead to an opening for Murray to sneak into the early third round or better. Why? The ACL can not possibility be a concern… not after today. Those in front of him Alabama's A.J. McCarron, LSU's Zach Mettenberger and Eastern Illinois' Jimmy Garoppolo are not so far out in front of Murray that he can't catch them, or that a team drafting in that slot… say the Jags… may well have fallen in love with him in that area of the draft.

The draft, if you have not yet found out, is impossible to predict and handicap. So guessing where Murray will be selected is sort of like trying to win Warren Buffet's $1 billion by getting all of the NCAA Tournament games right – not going to happen.

But I will make this bet: Murray will be in the NFL for some time. He may be the backup for most of that time. He may get his time to shine when his number is called. But he will be in the NFL for some time – that much I bet.

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