Roundtree Getting to Know Michigan

Michigan still hopes to add another safety to its 2015 class, and one of the prospects on its radar is Evans (Ga.) Lakeside standout Rashad Roundtree. 

Sam Webb:  Let’s start out talking about your game.  Pretend for a second that you are a scout in the stands and you are watching Rashad Roundtree on the field.  Kind of break your game down for me. 

Rashad Roundtree:  “I would say I’m very aggressive, very downhill.  A lot of safeties like to play the pass, I’m always a running guy first, that’s just always my mentality.  If I have to cover it deep, I cover it, that is just the game situation, but really physical, downhill, and play the deep ball.” 

Sam Webb:  Do you remember what your stats were last year? 

Rashad Roundtree:  “I do, I had 97 tackles, four interceptions, two fumble recoveries, and two forced fumbles.” 

Sam Webb:  Clearly things have been going well for you on the recruiting front.  How many scholarship offers do you have on the table right now? 

Rashad Roundtree:  “Thirteen D1 offers.” 

Sam Webb:  Of those 13, have any schools started to stand out on your list yet? 

Rashad Roundtree:  “You know what, the big schools, I pay attention to the big school…the great winning programs.  I really just try to look at everybody because you don’t know what team is the best fit for you.  So, I am looking at all the schools that offered.”

Sam Webb:  What schools are on you the hardest right now? 

Rashad Roundtree:  “I think schools like Georgia, Florida, Auburn, Alabama, Florida State, and Ohio State are the ones probably the most aggressive right now.” 

Sam Webb:  And all those schools have offered you, right? 

Rashad Roundtree:  “Yes sir.” 

Sam Webb:  Have you been hearing more from Michigan lately? 

Rashad Roundtree:  “Yes, I talked to a couple of coaches on Twitter, we just talked.  We didn’t really talk about football.  We have just been talking about our life and stuff.” 

Sam Webb:  Have you talked to them about an offer yet? 

Rashad Roundtree:  “No, I haven’t heard official verbal offer.  I haven’t talked to them real recently but I heard talk that Michigan always recruits late.  I just haven’t heard a verbal offer.” 

Sam Webb:  Give me an idea of what your recruiting criteria is.  When you make your decision what are going to be the biggest factors in your choice? 

Rashad Roundtree:  “I look at the coaches or the coaching staff.  I look at the players, what players they recruit and look at what they really try to do in the future, how they try to build their program.” 

Sam Webb:  What about timeline, are you going to be a guy that waits until signing day to make your decision? 

Rashad Roundtree:  “Yes I’m planning on that.  If I get just get an urge I’ll commit and stick with it, but I plan on waiting until signing day.” 

Sam Webb:  What about visits?  What schools have you been to already and what schools do you think you are going to be getting to in the next few months and into the summer? 

Rashad Roundtree:  “First I went to Auburn.  I went to Duke and I went to Georgia to watch them practice.  I plan to go to all of the schools closest to me like Clemson, South Carolina, George Tech, and Alabama.  Hopefully I will take officials to Ohio State and Florida.” 

Sam Webb:  Michigan, Has Michigan talked to you about getting up there in Ann Arbor for a visit? 

Rashad Roundtree:  “No, not yet.  It’s still kind of new talking about football.”

Sam Webb:  This is the last one.  Tell me about your circle.  Who are the people that you are going to rely on to help you with this process? 

Rashad Roundtree:  “Definitely my mom.  My mom is one that kind of keeps you grounded.  She doesn’t let you play games.  She knows whether they are real or whether they are not.  I’ve talked to a few other local people who went to colleges and had people recruiting them.  I just take that advice from everybody.”

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