Abernathy Doing His Homework

NORCROSS, Ga. - Micah Abernathy isn't your typical high school student.

The 2015 cornerback out of Greater Atlanta Christian doesn't procrastinate - especially when it comes to picking out colleges. Rather than waiting to do the work, he's taking a close look at each offer as they pile in.

"You definitely got to take it one at a time," Abernathy said. "If you try to let it pile up you get overwhelmed."

The rising senior is aware of what he wants out of college. Born in Atlanta and raised in private schooling, Abernathy already has his sights set on life after football. He's aware of what the term student-athlete really means.

"Education is my main priority," Abernathy said. "Me being at a private school I definitely want to further my education through college."

Abernathy already has offers from the likes of Alabama, Cincinnati, Florida, Georgia, Notre Dame, South Carolina and Wisconsin. He's got a lot of schools to look at, but he'll be looking for the same thing in each.

"Who I can be around - who I'd like to be around for four years," Abernathy said. "Coaches - you definitely have to take them into consideration - who you like, who you don't want to play for (and) who's the type of personality that you can get along with."

Of all the staffs he's visited with, Georgia's is one that stood out. The newly rejuvenated passion brought by first year defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt and his staff has got Abernathy's attention.

"I got to meet the new defensive staff so that was pretty cool," Abernathy said. "You definitely know what they're doing and you can tell by their track records."

Numbers don't lie to Abernathy.

"Alabama and FSU," Abernathy said. "He (Pruitt) has a resume for success and you know they care about what they're doing (and) what their players are doing - not just on the field. They care about their players and want them to do well after football."

Though Abernathy has grown up in Georgia, he's keeping his options open, geographically speaking. He'll travel as far as it takes to find the right fit.

"Distance isn't a factor with me," Abernathy said. "If it's across the country and it's the right school for me my parents support me with that."

After all, Abernathy's brother, Ralph David Abernathy IV, is a running back/receiver at Cincinnati. His younger brother has grown quite fond of that campus and its atmosphere.

"Their fans are crazy," Abernathy said with a smile. "They pack in 40,000. It's just crazy."

In the summer Abernathy plans to take a lot of trips, and hopes for the majority of them to be to schools outside the SEC.

"I definitely want to get out to some schools," Abernathy said. "I want to branch outside of the SEC if possible. Take some visits outside of the region and see some new schools and definitely hit up some camps."

He's got a while to decide, though.

"Just take it one at a time," Abernathy said. "Take it slow - take your time."

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