Thursday Notes from the Road

HOMERVILLE - Dean Legge's recruiting notes from the road during his travels around Georgia.

Tony Ball has visited Savannah Country Day every year since coach Dennis Coyle has had the head job at the private school.

"That means a lot to me," he said. "Because we haven't had a kid that Georgia would recruit in that time. That means something to me, but I don't know if that means a lot to Demetris – it probably shouldn't."

The Demetris he's talking about is Demetris Robertson, who is being recruited by schools as either a defensive back or a wide receiver. He's got offers from around the South including Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, Clemson and others.

It looks like the Tide would lead right now if Robertson is pressed, but Coyle stressed that it is a "very long way from when he will sign, and there really is no telling what will happen between now and then.

Robertson has been around the South and the country on recruiting trips. He was discovered by Coyle while he was in 7th grade and already enrolled in the enrollment-restricted Savannah Country Day.

"We saw him running out there with our varsity group and knew pretty quick," Coyle said.

Robertson is being recruited by Alabama as a defensive back, while the Bulldogs are recruiting him as a wide receiver. He's one to keep track of in the future – obviously there is a long way to go for this rising junior.

Meanwhile in Homerville, Clinch County duo Octavis Johnson and Chauncey Manac are being recruited heavly "by nearly everyone around," assistant coach Rance Morgan said on Wednesday. North Carolina was in town to see the two and Wisconsin, Michigan State, Georgia, South Carolina, Clemson and others have all been by to see Johnson and Manac.

Johnson still has some work to do academically, but the word is that he should be good to go academically in the future as far as qualifying is concerned. Manac seems to be a player Jeremy Pruitt has spotlighted as a future player on his defensive line.

The Fargo, Ga. native is heading into his junior season and is well built. He's got a good frame, but could certainly add more weight to be a defensive end in a 3-4. I've not seen him play, but he looks like he will be a bit too big to play defensive end in a 3-4 in the SEC. He also plays tight end and basketball.

Meanwhile in Douglas, another duo of talented players seems to be in a Florida State-Georgia-Auburn recruiting death match. Cole Minshew, an offensive lineman who is committed to the Noles, and tight end Jalen Wilkerson are getting a ton of foot traffic including Mike Bobo, who is stressing where the duo lives.

"So do you live in Douglas, Georgia or Douglas, Florida?" Bobo repeatly asked while at Coffee County High School.

Minshew acknowledged that being committed to the Noles and living in a community that is "nothing but Georgia fans" can be challenging "but I don't think much about it."

Florida State assistant Rick Trickett is one of the biggest reasons Minshew is committed to the Noles. He's also got a great relationship with Georgia offensive line coach Will Friend. Minshew told a North Carolina coach recently that he had shut recruiting down, and that he was committed to Florida State, but he told me that he was still going to take visits this summer and workout at camps.

It seems like the summer season will be a major factor on if Minshew sticks the Noles or not. Georgia and Auburn, most certainly, can get Minshew to flip to them from what I understand from my time in Douglas. But he's not going to be very vocal about looking around – particularly because he does like Florida State – Trickett specifically.

Wilkerson has not committed to a program yet, but said he would like to take a look at a slew of schools including Georgia, Auburn and Florida State. He said eh was also going to take trips this summer. It seems like Florida State is probably leading here, but he told me that he's still got to figure things out, and that's something he's having a difficult time doing.

One coach on the trip said that Pruitt was very matter of fact – maybe direct is the best way to put it.

"Yeah he's that way, but the University he works for speaks for itself," the coach said.

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