Dawg Postings: May 28, 2014

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Georgia wrapped up all of its sports competitions over the weekend with conclusion of men's and women's tennis, men's golf and softball.

But the big news on Tuesday, among others, is that Georgia's game with South Carolina will be broadcast on CBS this September . That's really no surprise considering how limited that week of the schedule was. The best game opposite Georgia-Carolina is either Tennessee at Oklahoma (for which the SEC does not control TV rights) or UCF at Missouri. CBS ignores Missouri all last year, and they one the East. Get used to it Tigers.

Speaking of Missouri, the SEC, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that Kentucky's fans will go to St. Louis for the 2018 SEC Basketball Tournament . Great news for Missouri and... I'm really not sure who else. This was obviously a "thank you" move to Missouri. It is hard to image fans from anywhere other than UK and Missouri showing up for the event. With this sort of logic perhaps the next thing you know the SEC Football Championship Game will be held at the Sun Bowl in El Paso - thanks for joining Texas A&M!

You should read David Paschall's article about "big-league governance" in the SEC. Actually you should probably read David more often. He's been around the conference for a long, long time and has a very good understanding of the way the league works and issues that come up from time to time.

Marc Weiszer of the Athens Banner-Herald writes about the transfer policy at Georgia and how it is "lenient" vs. the other SEC schools' policies.

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