Dawg Postings: June 2, 2014

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Well this hasn't been a great time for baseball in the SEC. The conference, which has been the best in the country over time, saw a slew of its teams knocked out unexpectedly during NCAA Regional competition.

Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas,

But some teams are still alive:

Texas A&M will have to beat old friend Texas to advance today. LSU will host Houston in a do-or-die game. Alabama will play Kennesaw State for the right to advance to play Louisville. Mississippi State will have to knock off home standing Louisiana-Lafayette to move on. The winner of that game will likely play Ole Miss. The Rebels will have to lose twice at home to Washington in order not to advance.

Vanderbilt is the only SEC to have already advanced to Super Regional play.

South Carolina and Florida are the biggest disappointments as they were both hosting regionals they managed to combine to win only one game in. South Carolina has been seen as invincible at home, but Maryland relentlessly battered the Cocks on Sunday to eliminate South Carolina. The Gamecocks' baseball program has gone backwards since winning the national title in 2011. Meanwhile winning even a game was too much to ask of Florida, which was the #2 overall see for the tournament. It looks like mighty College of Charleston is going to get out of the Gainesville Regional.

The Sporting News has released a list of the top ten players ever to have played at Georgia. Georgia's two Heisman winners are at the top – no surprise there. I am assuming that the list is in order, but even if it isn't, there are some issues I have with it.

Kevin Butler was a great kicker – he's not one of the top ten players ever at Georgia. Top ten at his position? No, he's actually the best kicker the school has ever had. Top ten all time at Georgia? Putting a kicker in there just doesn't make sense to me.

Knowshon Moreno should be on that list above Butler. David Greene goes in over Fran Tarkington, Aaron Murray and Matthew Stafford? David Greene was great. But he's getting a lot of credit for winning the SEC in 2002. If it is only about winning a championship why not just stick Buck Belue in there for handing the ball off to #34?

Todd Gurley is hard to leave off a top ten list – dude is a stud.

So who is my list?

1. Herschel Walker 2. Frank Sinkwich 3. David Pollack 4. Charlie Trippi 5. Terry Hoage 6. Champ Bailey 7. Jarvis Jones 8. Bill Stanfill 9. Matt Stinchcomb 10. Todd Gurley

Yeah, that's right, Matt Stinchcomb goes into the top ten. You got a problem with Jarvis Jones being in the top ten? He's one of seven players in Georgia history to be named an All-American by unanimous vote.

I love David Greene – he is great. What he did in that time was great. That he's not in my to ten doesn't mean he's not great. Kevin Butler is not short on opinion or the ability to drive the football (or a golf ball for that matter) a very long way. He is the best at his position at Georgia, but he's not one of the top ten players of all time. Butler, however, might have one of the top ten plays of all time with that game winner he booted from Clarkston to beat Clemson in 1984.

Meanwhile Sporting News also calls Gurley the top running back in the country coming into 2014 (duh). You can go through the slideshow (I remember when Sporting News used to actually write stories rather than do photo slideshows) to see who else is on there, but I will recap it for you: Gurley at #1; Bama's Yeldon at #2, Carolina's Mike Davis at #5, Alex Collins at Arkansas at #13 and Derrick Henry and his car at #14.

And last but not least, Georgia plays at Little Rock when they take on John Daly's Hogs in October. Daly, from what I have picked up, has a problem with "alcohol, gambling, smoking" and women. He's also going to out-‘Merica everyone in this great land with that awesome jacket he stole from George Washington. Read more about Daly losing $55 million in gambling.


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