Dawg Postings: June 3, 2014

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We are going to hear a lot about Georgia's game with South Carolina for the next few months. The Gamecocks seem to be getting the edge (understandably) in that contest because it is in Columbia.

And pre-season picks seem to be split about it South Carolina or Georgia will win the SEC East. For the record I think it will be the Bulldogs – no matter the outcome of the game in September in Williams-Brice.

But the sports information directors of the SEC disagree with me. They've picked South Carolina and Alabama to win their respective divisions to meet in Atlanta. Georgia and Auburn are supposed to finish second. Basically they are saying the home team in those two games will win the division.

South Carolina could certainly win the East – they've only done that once in their history and it hasn't been since 2010. But they host Georgia. But I think South Carolina is going to have a more difficult time navigating their schedule than Georgia will. Here's why:

I think the Cocks beat Texas A&M. Georgia travels to Columbia. They should win at Vanderbilt. Missouri comes to Columbia. They should win at Kentucky. At Auburn should be a loss. Tennessee beat the Cocks last season in Knoxville – that won't happen again. I think South Carolina will lose in Gainesville… as bad as Florida has been I think they rebound this fall.

South Carolina has the schedule advantage of playing Georgia and Missouri at home. In my view they will need to win both of those games to get to Atlanta because I think they lose to both the Gators and Tigers (Auburn Tigers). Carolina can't lose to A&M – that would be a deal breaker.

Georgia, on the other hand, has an advantageous schedule – and frankly I think Georgia is better than South Carolina this season. The opener is at South Carolina. Then Tennessee and Vanderbilt come to Athens – those should both be wins. The trip to Missouri is a little tricky, but that should be a win. Arkansas might be better, but that should be a win – same goes for the Gators. Georgia will beat Kentucky on the road before hosting Auburn, and that could be the game that decides it for both teams.

In other words, while Georgia could certainly lose some games (Auburn, Missouri, South Carolina and Florida), I think that they have fewer games to worry about than South Carolina (Georgia, Florida, Auburn, Texas A&M and Missouri). That, and Georgia is the better team, and they've proven they can lose a game early and run a perfect race the rest of they way… South Carolina hasn't proven that.

Just my take in early June.

Of course there could be a three-way tie in the SEC East – Vanderbilt, Tennessee and Kentucky could all tie one another for the division title. In that case what (besides Hell freezing over) would happen?

The SEC has you covered.

"The SEC will use the combined SEC record of the teams' cross-divisional foes to determine the divisional champion."

There you have it.

And its early June, so that means the newest Bulldogs are arriving on campus. "Our new freshman will report to campus on June 2. I'm excited for them and for the future of Georgia football," the robot that runs Mark Richt's twitter account said on May 31st.

Several Bulldogs tweeted about moving in including Lorenzo Carter, Keyon Brown, Jeb Blazevich and Sony Michel.

And finally… we here at Dawg Post like cat videos. Judge us if you would like, but there's nothing like a feline getting after a laser pointer that says we are about ready for fall camp to start.

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