Ahrens a nice fit on the wing for MSU

Michigan State added two wings in 2014, and now Kyle Ahrens adds a nice complement to the roster.

In the 2014 class the Michigan State Spartans added a pair of wings in Marvin Clark and Javon Bess to their roster. Now in 2015 they are off to a good start with another quality wing in Kyle Ahrens, and Ahrens is exactly the type of player to fit in well.

Both Clark and Bess are expected to be key pieces to the puzzle for Michigan State going forward. At around 6-foot-7 and 220 pounds, Clark is a physical wing who is likely to see time at both the small forward and power forward positions. He can make shots, rebound, and is a solid athlete.

Bess on the other hand is someone whose greatest strength is all the versatility he brings. He isn't a great outside shooter, but he is a good athlete, handles the ball well, is a very good passer, and can defend all over.

With that what was missing for the Spartans in their wing rotation was a knockdown shooter who can play more as a true wing and doesn't need the ball in his hands to succeed. That is where Ahrens fits in.

At 6-foot-5 and 180 pounds, Ahrens is more than athletic enough to guard either wing spot, and then on the offensive end he is a big time shooter. Ahrens has range that extends well beyond the three point line, and a quick trigger which allows him to get his shot off.

While Ahrens isn't great off the dribble and needs to improve in that regard, he is a very explosive leaper and is somebody who is an excellent finisher in transition. This is aided by his baseline-to-baseline speed where he is a tremendous runner of the wing.

Currently a four-star prospect, Ahrens has had a rough spring, but injury is to blame. He fractured his leg during the high school season and has clearly been playing at far less than 100 percent. While it is unknown how Ahrens will be feeling when his team gets back out in July, there is no doubt he will be 100 percent by the time he gets to campus in East Lansing.

Overall this is a solid add for the Spartans, not only does Ahrens have a lot of ability, but he is a great complement to what they brought in, in their 2014 class. This is the second quality commitment for Tom Izzo in the class, and now they are focused on closing strong and bringing in one of the top groups in the country.

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