Dawg Postings: June 9, 2014

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According to StubHub, which is actually a pretty good way to get a hold of difficult-to-find tickets, Georgia's fight with Florida is one of the most expensive tickets in college football this season.

Now these two teams, who were a combined 12-13 last season, are hardly looking to win the national title this fall, but the price is an indicator of just how passionate those two teams are about that game. Those tickets are going for at least $185 a ticket right now.

But Georgia-Florida actually isn't the most expensive ticket right now on StubHub is the season opener – Clemson at Georgia – going for a ridiculous $261 a ticket for the cheapest single ticket. The Clemson game at Georgia is going for about half the price of season tickets for all of Clemson's home games next season ($554) – amazing. No other Clemson game – not even the trip to Florida State – is over $100 besides the game with South Carolina, which is going for $180.

Back to Georgia – The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry comes in at a rather expensive $205 per ticket. Auburn hasn't played in Athens since 2011. The Tigers' most expensive game is predictably the game with Bama that's going for $325 per ticket, which is just plain silly.

Georgia's most expensive road game comes the third week of the season at South Carolina. Tickets for Georgia-South Carolina at the dead cockroach are going for $174 a piece.

The oddest ticket on the Georgia slate is the game at Arkansas. The Hogs usually play in Fayetteville, but will play the Bulldogs for their one game in Little Rock this October. War Memorial Stadium, which is one of the smallest venues in the SEC, holds only 54,120. And yet StubHub has 1,630 tickets available online for that game – the most of any game Georgia plays this fall.

If you decided to make the trip to Columbia, SC, (note: first certain to first get your tetanus shot) know that this will be the last time you visit the South Carolina campus without a statue of Heisman winner and Duluth, Ga. native George Rogers.

Rogers is the latest in the line of former SECers being given a statue. In recent years this has become quite a fad. Post & Courier columnist Gene Sapakoff gets it about right in his column saying that schools are taking it a little too far with all of these statues.

"George Rogers was a great player and is a good guy. But he represents a statue movement that might get out of control. What a waste of good money, energy and perspective," he writes.

Yeah, that's right Gene, but this is the SEC and we specialize in all lack of perspective… and apparently in statues of late.

If you missed it John Calipari – the guy that coaches basketball at Kentucky – just signed a seven-year, $52.5 million deal with the Cats. Is he worth the money? No, none of these guys are worth that sort of money.

But in the warped world of college sports we live in today Cal has certainly earned nearly all of the money he's gotten. He's won the national title and gotten to the Final Four three times – that's about all you can ask for during a five-year stretch anywhere in college basketball.

I'd ask which fan base is more lunatic – Alabama football or Kentucky basketball – but I think I know the answer: its Bama football, but not by much. Big Blue loves their Kitty Kats – loves them.

Anyway, speaking of Kentucky here is another great cat video for you:

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