Dawg Postings: June 11, 2014

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ESPN's Chris Low thinks that Georgia has the eighth-best quarterback situation in the SEC.

Eighth-best… wow. Georgia is going to be taking a step back going from Aaron Murray to Hutson Mason, but its hard to think that Mason would be the eighth-best signal caller in the conference.

Low has Auburn's Nick Marshall at #1, which is predictable. After that, in my view, everything is up for debate. Dak Prescott, who (and I am being honest here) I have never heard of in my life, is ranked at #2. At three is Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace. Maty Mauk checks in at four. Jacob Coker, who backed up Jameis Winston last year at Florida State and hasn't practiced with Alabama yet, is at five. Florida's Jeff Driskel, who is coming off of a major injury is ranked sixth. South Carolina's Dylan Thompson, who wears a glove while playing, is number seven.

Then Hutson Mason checks in at #8.

Let's be honest – this is just a straight-up bad list. There are not very many "good" quarterbacks in the SEC. This increasingly more obvious considering how good quarterback play was last season.

For instance, take Dylan Thompson, who, again, wears a glove while playing. There is simply no way that Thompson is going to be as judicious with the ball as Connor Shaw was for South Carolina last year – no shot.

Thompson actually threw more interceptions (3) in 89 attempts than Shaw did in 284 (1). That's one interception for every 30 throws vs. one every 284. That's a huge, huge difference. In addition, and this is what really has made Carolina productive over the last few years, Shaw ran for 558 yards and six touchdowns on the ground last season.

That's just one example. There a slew across the conference. LSU doesn't even know who is going to replace Zach Mettenberger. I do think Coker could be very effective at Bama, but the point is pretty well made that this SEC crop of QBs just isn't that great.

But is Mason the 8th best? I don't think he is. I don't think he's going to be All-SEC, but I don't think he's on the bottom half of the conference… not this season at least. At a minimum I would have him in front of Driskel and Thompson.

Meanwhile, Missouri can't find anyone to play in 2015. Illinois and Kansas have both seemingly checked out on their old foe from the Show Me State, and the pickings are slim from that point forward.

"I've got some feelers out there, but it's an interesting time. It's summer, so you've got people going away for vacations and things like that. If they're set for '14 and '15, which most are, they're not in too much of a hurry to go in '16," Maggard told David Morrison of the Columbia Daily Tribune. "There's a lot of moving parts. It's a 'hurry-up-and-wait' type scenario often. It's kind of like putting a giant puzzle together, but the pieces continue to move."

This is the new reality. The problem is that teams in the SEC still need home games to build up more cash. TV deals are great, but teams do need to put as much money in the bank as possible, and the easiest way to do that is with home football games. No one event makes more money for an athletic association.

So what should Missouri do? The Tigers are living in the dream world that is them thinking they, too, can get into the CFB Playoff starting this fall. So they are not going to schedule too low because that will hurt their scheduling power index. But it has become so cumbersome to schedule that Missouri is playing at Arkansas State.

Arkansas State Wow, that's bad.

If you are keeping score at home Georgia plays Southern University, Louisiana-Monroe and Georgia Southern at home and at Georgia Tech in 2015.

And finally, Kevin Scarbinsky says that Auburn's buyout of Gus Malzahn is, well, crazy.

"Those numbers indicate a fundamental unwillingness on the part of Auburn officials to acknowledge the down side of their own history," Scarbinsky writes of the school that's fired two coaches since 2008.

Scarbinsky correctly points out that the Tigers have paid Tommy Tuberville and Gene Chizik a combined $12.6 million. Those two won Auburn a national title and two SEC championships. Now Malzahn, which has given Auburn one SEC title, has a significant buyout that is massive even after the 2016 season.

After 2014: $11,187,500

After 2015: $8,950,000.

After 2016: $6,712,500.

After 2017: $4,475,000.

After 2018: $2,237,500.

Again from Scarbinsky: "(Auburn fired) Doug Barfield, Pat Dye, Terry Bowden, Tuberville and Chizik. Why take the risk of falling into that money pit again?"

Because we are crazy people Kevin… this is what we do. We overpay at the start and can't wait to get them out of there at the end, so we overpay once more.

With that said, the World Cup is set to start later this week. And the championship match is in… where else? Take it away boys:

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