Legge's Thoughts: Lessons Learned @ MRFC

ATHENS – There was a lot of star and firepower during the Mark Richt Camp. Here's my list of things, after reflection, that I learned.

1. You go get a tackle wherever you can

Doesn't matter if it up the east coast and all the way to Maryland – you got to get the tackles wherever they are. Franklin (MD) OL Pat Allen was just that guy. He looks the part right off the bat.

Like any big man he got a little tired in the sun. Chad Simmons, at first, thought that Allen was just tripping to Athens to take in the sights… that wasn't the case.

"I didn't think he was going to camp," Simmons said. "I thought he was just going to take in the trip with his family."

That's not what happened. Hill and his family drive from their home in Maryland all the way to Athens during the night on Saturday morning. By the afternoon Hill was on the practice fields working out.

Right there – that drive – is impressive enough. But that he was as impressive physically as he was did it for me. He lost at time – no doubt. But Hill is raw. In my view he is a straight-up must get for Georgia

"Arguably," Simmons said. "He was the top performer."

On Saturday I think that might have been the case. Write down E.J. Price's name was well. The 2016 OL from Central Gwinnett is critically important to the cause next recruiting season.

If you can get Hill then losing Mitch Hyatt, who is struggling to add weight, and Chuma Edoga, who seemed interested, but still committed to the Trojans, is much less of a sting. Georgia has, to me, no shot at Hyatt. They have a puncher's chance with Edoga, but they are going to have to pull a rabbit out of a hat on that one – at least as it stands this second.

2. Terry Godwin is going to be dangerous

Godwin was the top overall player in the two-week stretch that was what I call the Mark Richt Camp. Godwin played receiver and defensive back for Callaway, but for me he's a defensive back. That doesn't mean you are restricted from playing him at receiver (which he seems to prefer.

But he's not A.J. Green. He could be a starting DB at Georgia right now (and at a few other SEC schools in my mind). The point is that he was the best overall player in Athens this past stretch of time, and what you need to do is get him on your roster and see how you can use home on offense and defense.

Callaway runs a lot of go routes and tunnel screens with him on offense… which is what you do with guys who are just better than the other team. I like the way he goes up and gets the ball on defense. For me he's just better at it.

It looks, right now, that he would be no less than a three-year starter in Athens on defense. He would need to play special teams and offense, but defense would be where I would put him.

3. Gotta nail down Trenton Thompson

Yes. Georgia leads.

We all get it.

But the end game is signing someone. This is going to take a while, and that's fine because that's how this thing goes. But Trenton Thompson must sign with Georgia. Losing him late – and it would be a loss… make no mistake about it… would be a painful thing to watch.

He would also give Georgia what could be one of the best defensive line hauls that I can remember in recruiting. You sign four hoping that two will be good. Starting with Thompson, Jonathan Ledbetter, Justin Young and Chauncey Rivers is giving a ton of margin for error.

Thompson, however, is the guy the Dawgs have to get – he knows it and everyone in Athens knows it.

4. Georgia is doing a better job of being organized with recruiting

There were very few teams that played in the seven-on-seven without a quality player (or). GAC, Stephenson, Westover, Tucker, Lanier, Riverdale, Aquanis, Langston Hughes, Clarke Central, Callaway, McEachern, Griffin, Rabun County and Cartersville.

That's a much, much better list of teams to have on campus than what has been in the past. That matters. The second Thursday was OK, but even that day lead to a scholarship offer for Clarke Central RB JaQua Daniel and tons of time well spent with Tucker DL Jonathan Ledbetter.

To steal from John McCain: Camps (Elections) have consequences. You plan and recruit the teams of the guys you need to recruit to come to your camp. Whoever put it together did a very good job.

5. Dawg Night has become the major event

Obviously I hear things through the grapevine all of the time, but the one thing that I caught wind of more than anything else is that Dawg Night – the event of Dawg Night – has really surpassed everything that is summer recruiting in this state.

Now that's not really a massive surprise, but I think it sort of speaks to just how important Dawg Night is on the calendar for recruiting. You need to make certain to lead your way up to Dawg Night the right way. This past month gave the Dawgs' staff plenty of data to work with as it relates to Dawg Night.

Are there 2017 or 2018s that need to be invited? Who is a take in the 2015 class who needs to be at Dawg Night? What is the best way to actually put on Dawg Night? Sanford Stadium, yes, but its just not as easy a place to work as the Woodruff Practice Fields (four fields), which has the football offices right there to be whisked away at.

Do you do both?

And, of course, the #1 question: Water or red PowerAde on the sidelines?

So there really is a lot of planning that goes into the night. Lest we forget that Mark Richt will be in Hoover for Media Days the day before… thanks Claude.

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