Dawg Postings: June 21, 2014

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It can't be that surprising to now know that you had to give at least $1,000 to get season tickets at Georgia. For me it's surprising that it wasn't more.

Actually the number was $1,001, so if you didn't give that extra dollar and thought you were going to see arguably the best home schedule in Georgia history – with Clemson and Tennessee coming to Athens the same year and Georgia Tech and Auburn playing in Athens in the same year for the first time ever – well, that's on you.

Georgia has sold out season tickets for as long as I can remember. They've sold out all but like one game since Mark Richt arrived as head coach. Beyond the outrageous $10,000+ you had to give in 2008 if it was your first year giving, Georgia has had pretty reasonable ticket contrabution levels for a long time.

But, again, that home line up is as good as it is ever going to get. Georgia isn't going to be playing Clemson again any time soon, and while the Tigers might not force Georgia fans to spew venom the way a home date with Florida or Alabama would, they are still an intriguing and rare home matchup.

That Georgia Tech and Auburn are both visiting in the same season, however, is the clincher for me. It is going to be strange in the future not having one of those two teams at the end of the year every season. But as it stands right now Auburn will play Georgia at home in even years – that's set in stone until at least 2025.

Tech and Georgia could flip the location of their home-and-home series in the near future, but that seems unlikely. Again, it is going to be odd that in 2017 Georgia's biggest home game is going to be either South Carolina or Mississippi State – that's just weird, and just not very enticing.

On another note: have Georgia Tech fans just given up on coming to Athens? It sure seems that way. My guess is that in 2012 Tech may have brought 2,000 fans to Georgia – and that includes the band. It was just plain sad.

This fall if you are a Georgia fan and asked for additional tickets to the Tech game (as well as Troy, Vanderbilt and Charleston Southern) you got them. Clemson, Tennessee and I am assuming Auburn (even though it wasn't included in the article) will bring all or a bunch of their allotment of people.

Has it gotten that bad at Tech that they no longer bother to show up to Georgia? The Yellow Jackets were very, very competitive with Georgia in 2004, 2006 and 2010 – they even won in 2008.

Tech has been the smaller of the two fan bases for decades, and that's not going to change. But where is the pride? You can make it to Bobby Dodd for the Georgia game, but won't drive an hour to Athens?


And before you start the entire I've been to Sanford Stadium, and I am never going back stupidity, just know the excuse that it is too "scary" to go to Sanford Stadium just know that you usually get what you give in college football stadiums. If you are the guy talking you are going to be talked to… nothing scary about it.

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