Dawg Post Top 25: #24 Hall & Hicks

Dawg Post counts down the top 25 players in Silver Britches for the 2014 season.

24. Merritt Hall, FB and Quayvon Hicks.

101: Yeah, that's right - I am going two for one here. Merritt Hall is a pretty good fullback; Quayvon Hicks is, too. Why aren't the higher on this list? In the grand scheme of things even though Georgia is one of the few remaining teams in college football that uses a fullback, Hall is more of a blocker than anything else, and Hicks is a blocker with pretty good ball skills. Again, Hall is a very good blocker, but he's pretty much a blocker nonetheless. What will be interesting to see is if Mike Bobo takes the fullback out of several offensive sets because the other offensive positions are just better than the fullbacks. But with Hall you've got what you want to get out of a fullback – a lead blocker for perhaps the best running back group in the SEC powerfully leading the way and picking up blocks for Hutson Mason. Hicks gives you a little more diversity at the position.

Days Gone By: Hall wasn't heavily recruited by major colleges. He walked on at Georgia after playing at Wesleyan with David Andrews. Hicks picked the Bulldogs over Florida and others in 2012.

Legge's Thoughts: I like what Merritt Hall can do in the run game. He's very dependable. He's not got the ball skills of someone like Quayvon Hicks, but there's a reason he played as much as he did last season. My guess is that he will play even more this fall – particularly if Hicks is playing tight end, which remains to be seen this fall.

24. Merritt Hall, FB
25. Marshall Morgan, PK

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