Dawg Post Top 25: #21 James DeLoach

Dawg Post counts down the top 25 players in Silver Britches for the 2014 season.

21. James Deloach, DL

101: We've heard enough about James DeLoach. It is now time for him to be productive when the band is playing. DeLoach enters his final two years at Georgia as a player we often hear a lot about during practices and from people who usually know what they are talking about. But when you look back at the statistics there's not been a lot of "there" there. He played in 12 games in 2012. But he went backwards (injury) and managed to only play in five games last season and tallied only four tackles. It is do or die time for DeLoach – a guy who quite obviously turns heads in practice. It is time for that to be the case on Saturdays.

Days Gone By: DeLoach was considered a three-star prospect coming out of Jenkins County in 2012. He played 12 games his freshman season with two quarterback pressures and four tackles. He picked Georgia over Tennessee, Florida State, South Carolina and others.

Legge's Thoughts: Time to do it. There, at some point in college football, is a break through moment for players. For James DeLoach the time has come for that to happen. It is possible that he's just a very good practice player – that's possible. But usually those guys tend to make plays on Saturdays as well. In 2012 it was understandable that DeLoach wouldn't have that many tackles – he was playing behind some very good linebackers. Last season he only played in five games (injury). It's not time to give up on DeLoach – not at all – but he needs a Ray Drew-like junior season.

21. James Deloach, DL 22. Brandon Kublanow, OL 23. Jonathan Taylor, DL
24. Merritt Hall, FB
25. Marshall Morgan, PK

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