Dawg Postings: June 28, 2014

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As you are well aware, Notre Dame and Georgia have agreed to a two-game, home-and-home series in 2017 and 2019. That could mean, however, that Texas and Notre Dame, who had previously agreed to a four-game series, could now get knocked down to only two games.

According to reporting from ESPN's Matt Fortuna and Brett McMurphy:

"Notre Dame's upcoming four-game series with Texas could be reduced to two games as a result of the Georgia schedule commitments. The 2017 and 2019 games in essence replace two of Notre Dame's games with Texas, but Swarbrick said he was hopeful they could reschedule those games with the Longhorns. Four years ago, Notre Dame and Texas announced a four-game series starting in 2015 that also included games at Notre Dame on Sept. 5, 2015, and at Texas on Sept. 3, 2016. In 2019, Notre Dame is scheduled to play at Georgia, at Stanford and at three ACC opponents. Notre Dame's scheduling philosophy has been to have six home games, a neutral site game and five road games, hence the need to drop the road game at Texas in 2019. Notre Dame also has future home-and-home series with Purdue and Michigan State over the next decade. But because of the Irish's ACC scheduling commitments -- five games annually against ACC opponents -- it's unlikely the Fighting Irish will schedule more than two-game series against any teams with the exception of Navy, Stanford and USC, who they will play annually."

So does that mean Georgia is a bigger deal than Texas? Probably not, but it does mean Georgia is at least as big of a deal as the Horns nationally. Let's be frank on tow points: Texas hasn't nearly been what it was before the turn of the decade; Georgia is one of the premier SEC schools… and the SEC sells.

This isn't like Notre Dame playing Mississippi State – this is Georgia, and the Bulldogs matter.

In TV news: predictably LSU's game at Texas A&M is going to be at 7:30 on ESPN. If you don't get the NFL Network I am sure you will be tuning in to that one. Look for that game to be a staple of Thanksgiving night television in the future.

ESPN has tried to use a ton of different games in that slot. For some time it was Texas-A&M. Also, Mississippi State-Ole Miss has played in that timeslot. But what a network wants is to build a tradition – and you can do that with LSU-Texas A&M.

USC is now offering four-year scholarships in football and basketball, according to their athletic director Pat Haden. I wonder how that could go over at some SEC schools?

Back to all things Georgia… did you see where Marc Weiszer of the ABH asked the question: Is UGA's Todd Gurley better than Knowshon Moreno?

Guess who answered it? Danny "When I get close to the end zone I can just smell that funk" Ware.

I love Danny Ware. He pretty much non-answers the question… keeping in tact the Regan rule (is there one of those any more?) amongst Georgia running backs – thou shall not attack another Georgia running back.

"It's kind of a hard comparison," Ware said.

The one thing Ware gets right is the following: "Todd, I don't really know like who has been there to challenge him."

Hopefully for everyone involved Gurley gets some competition in terms of the number of snaps he's going to take this fall. Todd Gurley is at his best when he's fresh… and he was rarely fresh after the first two games of the season in 2013.

If he gets the helps he needs from the other running backs Todd Gurley will undoubtedly be considered better than Knowshon, which is really saying something. Because let me tell you Knowshon Moreno was damned good.

Why not celebrate the weekend? Nelly Furtado... You are welcome.

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