Dawg Post Top 25: #19 Greg Pyke

Dawg Post counts down the top 25 players in Silver Britches for the 2014 season.

19. Greg Pyke, OL

101: If there is one thing you want to have the ability to do at Georgia its run the ball. That's where Pyke comes in. For the last few seasons Georgia has had a dependable interior offensive line. The challenge for Pyke will be to slide into one of the guard spots as a starter and bring some of his athleticism to the offensive line. I've heard only good things about Pyke, but it is one thing to play well in practice – quite another to play well in games. One would think that would be the case, but on occasion there is a learning curve to playing in the games vs. practice. But two years after standby mode, 2014 is Pyke's time to shine.

Days Gone By: Pyke picked Georgia over several Mid-Atlantic schools in early August of 2011. Pyke, who played lacrosse in high school, was considered a four-star prospect by Scout.com.

Legge's Thoughts: I have heard about Greg Pyke for some time now. A lot of folks in the program think he's the most athletic big man on campus period. Its hard for me to imagine him not being an important part of the offensive line for years to come at Georgia.

19. Greg Pyke, OL
20. Jay Rome, TE
21. James Deloach, DL
22. Brandon Kublanow, OL
23. Jonathan Taylor, DL
24. Merritt Hall, FB
25. Marshall Morgan, PK

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