Dawg Post Top 25: #18 Kolton Houston

Dawg Post counts down the top 25 players in Silver Britches for the 2014 season.

18. Kolton Houston, OL

101: If you need a good example of how the NCAA failed "student-athletes" over the last few years just ask Kolton Houston. Houston's career was put on pause for several years while the NCAA figured out the best way to keep him off the field. But that's another story for another day. On the field Houston is a diverse offensive lineman who can play a slew of positions. It would make sense if he played tackle, but he can play guard as well. He started six games last fall – once at left guard and five times at right tackle. It feels like he's going to be the right guard of the future in Athens… however long that will be.

Days Gone By: Houston picked Georgia over SEC schools and Clemson. He then was ruled ineligible to compete by the NCAA through July of 2013.

Legge's Thoughts: Houston is going to be a full-time starter this fall – the question just seems to be where. Will Friend is going to play the best five players, and it certainly seems Houston is in that group for sure. The smart bet is for Houston to line up at right tackle and go. But if someone else can jump in there, or if a rotation starts, I could see Houston maybe slipping inside to play guard. Again, that seems unlikely, but it does speak to his diversity on the line. The other thing to consider, and I'm not sure how many folks are thinking about this, is that this is the first offseason he's had to fully get ready to play knowing that he will play in the fall. He's never had that benefit, and that could be a little bit helpful in the end.

18. Kolton Houston
19. Greg Pyke, OL
20. Jay Rome, TE
21. James Deloach, DL
22. Brandon Kublanow, OL
23. Jonathan Taylor, DL
24. Merritt Hall, FB
25. Marshall Morgan, PK

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