Anderson gets Trojan offer

Manvel (Texas) junior safety Deontay Anderson was pleasantly surprised when USC defensive back coach offered him a scholarship at the end of June.

BEAVERTON, Ore. — Deontay Anderson is a year ahead of the curve at this year’s Opening at NIKE World Headquarters as a junior participant, but judging from his scholarship offers, the 6-foot-1, 190-pound safety is far from out of place.

Two weeks ago, USC got into the mix in Anderson’s recruitment. With 24 scholarships and counting, the Trojans coaching staff was still able to make an impression in breaking the news they were now a college option.

“One of my coaches called me and said I needed to reach out to USC,” said Anderson. “I was surprised, so I called the defensive backs coach and he offered me on the spot.

“He said that I was a great athlete and destined to be one of the best  to ever do it. That’s my goal, so it was good to hear.”

Anderson has never been to USC or Los Angeles, and his knowledge of the school is superficial. Still, it’s enough to possibly warrant an unofficial visit in the near future.

“The tradition a USC is great,” said Anderson. “They’ve had success ever since they first started. Now they’re coming off of sanction, which put them back a little bit, but I know they’re going to rebuild.

“By the time I graduate high school, USC should be back.”

Anderson wants to unofficially visit USC, but when that visit happens is still to be determined.

“I know if it doesn’t happen this year it will happen next year,” said Anderson. “I’ve never been out to California, and I don’t think I have any family out there.

“If I did, I would have stayed out there already. I have a big family though. I might have someone out there. I want to say I don’t, but then I might (laugh).”

Anderson says he is no where near creating a list of favorite schools, and with another two seasons of high school football ahead of him, the perfect college is a vague outline of a school.

“I’m taking it all in and having fun, but at the same time I am looking at this like it”s business,” said Anderson. “God blessed me with the opportunity to sit back and watch.

“I can see this kid go here and that kid go there. I’m just sitting back and watching knowing I have to make the best decision for me. But to be honest, I really haven’t figured out what I really want in a college.”

As an underclassmen, Anderson is absorbing what he sees from his peers closing in on signing day 2015. But that is not limited to just recruiting.

“Them being older doesn’t really get to me,” said Anderson. “Everyone out here can play. I just want to earn my respect.

“Then I want to learn and listen. Take it all in and make the game easier for me. Then at some point, younger players will look at me as a mentor.”

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