Dawg Post Top 25: #17 Chris Conley

Dawg Post counts down the top 25 players in Silver Britches for the 2014 season.

17. Chris Conley, WR

101: Chris Conley was left all by himself at receiver last year in the middle of the season, and you could tell. He was about the only deep threat, and one of only two experienced scholarship wide receivers for the Bulldogs. He played fine, but he’s a better role player than #1 WR. Conley enters his senior season with a slew of off-the-field accomplishments. He was also Georgia’s leading receiver last season, which is more of an indicator of what went wrong than what went right with Georgia last season. Conley played great against LSU and Georgia Tech in 2013. He had a killer game against Nebraska in 2012. His drops in the end zone against Vanderbilt and Missouri in 2013 were regrettable.

Days Gone By: Conley was a four-star receiver who picked Georgia in the Dream Team class of 2011. His performance against Nebraska in the Capital One Bowl in 2012 made expectations rise for 2013. He ended the season as the team’s leading receiver, but that happened in a season where every scholarship receiver playing except Rantavious Wooten missed at least one game with an injury.

Legge’s Thoughts: Chris Conley is most effective as Georgia’s #2 or #3 option. That’s not an insult to Conley – that’s reality. Also, from the Florida game on, Georgia Todd Gurley was more productive receiving out of the backfield (399 yard receiving) than the receivers were. If Conley can repeat the production of 2013 and not be the leading receiver, Georgia will have had a good season.

16. Sterling Bailey, DL 17. Chris Conley, WR 18. Kolton Houston, OL
19. Greg Pyke, OL
20. Jay Rome, TE
21. James Deloach, DL
22. Brandon Kublanow, OL
23. Jonathan Taylor, DL
24. Merritt Hall, FB
25. Marshall Morgan, PK

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