Dawg Postings: July 9, 2014

Dawg Post looks around the Internet for the stories you need to read and some that are just fun.

Dawg Post looks around the Internet for the stories you need to read and some that are just fun.

Tennessee will visit Athens without taking its full allotment of fans to Sanford Stadium for at least the second trip in a row. I know for sure that the Vols returned tickets in 2012, and I am pretty sure that they did so in 2010 as well. I just can’t remember that to be fact.

All you have to do to get the tickets and pay the $80 for each ticket you want. Oh, and have given Georgia $291,750 over your lifetime. Yeah, the value of a pretty nice house gets you the ability to buy $80 tickets… to tickets in the 600 level. That’s as high as you get in Sanford Stadium.

And that’s crazy.

You have to wonder at what point it costs too much to go to a college football game. The $80 a ticket is pretty ridiculous. The fact that nearly every ticket in each SEC stadium is sold on the basis that the person sitting in that seat is not just paying for the price of the ticket, but a donation of some sort as well speaks to the amount of money flowing through the SEC.

One has to wonder when the value of the tickets in SEC stadiums will go down or slow down. Georgia AD Greg McGarity has already said that ticket prices at Georgia will likely increase in the near future.

Watching at home seems more and more appealing with each ticket increase. The SEC is going to have to thread the thin line that is owning its own TV network and increasing ticket prices in stadiums.

At some point the money is going to run out… right?

Around the web Gainesville Times columnist Pat Dooley says that Clemson’s season opener at Georgia is the #2 non-conference game of the year in the country, behind only Michigan State at Oregon.

He’s got LSU-Wisconsin, Stanford at Notre Dame and Notre Dame at FSU behind Georgia-Clemson. I’m pretty sure that LSU-Wisconsin is a better game than Georgia-Clemson, but what catches my eye about Dooley’s list is just how far down the line Florida-Florida State is.

That game used to be awesome – gator heads; quarterbacks throwing the ball at head coaches during warm ups; pre-game fights. Florida-Florida State used to be the Jerry Springer of college football games. Now its just more like Tom and Jerry… very, very boring.

And then there’s Mark Richt. He talked with Tim Graham of the Buffalo News about Jim Kelley, Bernie Kosar, and Vinny Testaverde and their time at the University of Miami.

Richt said of a picture of those days in his office in Athens: “You have four first-rounders in the same photo," Richt said. "One of them was Earl Morrall, who was the coach. Then you got Jim Kelly, first-round draft pick. Vinny Testaverde, first-round draft pick. Bernie Kosar, first-round draft pick. I was probably the fifth- or sixth-best guy in the picture. All on the same team at the same time.”

Richt also said that, as Georgia fans well know, he was very close to transferring from Miami, but he never finished the drill on that one.

“I didn't have a plan,” Richt told Graham. “I was just leaving. I was, like, ‘I've got to find another place.’ But it didn't happen.”

And on the subject of Miami....

Be honest: you thought I was going 2 Live Crew didn't you?

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