Jackson Heading to Athens

Chad Simmons hits The Porch with a recruiting nugget for Georgia's Dawg Day.

It has been 50-50 the last couple of days on whether or not Scout 300 CB/ATH Donte Jackson would make it to Athens from Jefferson, La., but he will.

That is good, right?

Yes, because he is a TOP target for the Dawgs and the Dawgs currently lead.

But there is more...

Guess who is bringing Jackson over -- It is Bruce Figgins, former UGA TE and one of the best young men I have ever covered in recruiting. Figgins is not the type to push a player to his alma mater, but Figgins will be driving Jackson over, then driving him back. You can bet there will be a lot of UGA talk going on.

Figgins is a class act and he is a GREAT guy for UGA to have in their corner here.

Jackson plans to stay in Athens until Sunday fyi.

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