Jackson and His Gut

ATHENS – Its Bulldog Nation and flags are everywhere if you are from out of state.

At least that’s the way Donte Jackson sees it.

“It was the first time I’ve been to Athens for a long time. It is a different feeling. They are nice – especially when they’re a list you are a recruiting. It is a Bulldog nation around here,” he said. “Flags are everywhere.”

The trip to Athens left the Riverdale (LA) DB impressed – and not just with the flags.

“It was nice. I got a chance to talk with some of the players and meet with them,” he said. “You get the point of view from other players. The shoes I will be when I get there. The experiences they had at Georgia – we talked about all of that. I talked to a lot of players.”

Jackson said he talked with no less than five Georgia players. Dominick Sanders, Malcolm Mitchell, Corey Moore and Isaiah McKenzie all spent time with Jackson.

“I hung with a lot of them,” he said.

But it was senior defensive back Damian Swann who Jackson connected with the most.

“He just was talk about a lot of stuff about college,” Jackson said of the conversation. “We were just talking a lot – not just football. Everything.

Jackson is coached by former Georgia tight end Bruce Figgins, who the prospct said is trying to stay out pushing him into Silver Britches for college.

“Coach Figgins is staying impartial. I think he doesn’t want anyone to think that it’s about him,” he said.

Figgins went from playing Between the Hedges to coaching on the banks of the Mississippi at Riverdale High School in suburban New Orleans. Jackson, naturally, is considering the in-state Tigers, who are a formidable recruiting force in the Pelecan State.

“My top two – you can’t go wrong with them,” Jackson said. “LSU and Georgia are both great decisions. They both send guys to the NFL.”

So how to make a major life decision?

“It is going to be a gut thing, or it will click,” Jackson said.

Georgia, too, may have a secrete weapon in the form of new defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, who has attacked the recruiting game with Bulldog-like tenacity; even Jackson admits as such.

“Coach Pruitt is a dog of a recruit – a dog of a coach,” Jackson said. “We talk a lot. He’s a real good coach and hard recruiter. I can be on the phone with coach Pruitt and he’s try to teach me about placement and cover two. I think that shows how dedicated he is.”

So did the Dawgs and their dog-like defensive coordinator do enough to make Jackson pick them in the end?

“Yeah, I felt something in the gut,” he said.

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