Riley: Seumalo questionable for opener

THE BEST PLAYER on the Oregon State offensive line might not be in the lineup for the opener against Portland State. Mike Riley at the Pac-12 media day event said Isaac Seumalo should be ready to play early in the season but stopped well short of saying he'd be ready at the start of the 2014 campaign.

"I think it's on pretty good schedule to be ready to play -- if not at the very first game, early," said Mike Riley of Isaac Seumalo, who had foot surgery after the season.

"So we're going to be very, very careful with that. So that's why I'm being very careful when I say he's going to play. But I anticipate him being ready. I would think he might be ready for the first game, but maybe not.

Riley was asked if Seumalo had been able to do much this summer.

"Not much yet. Well, I guess he has now but it's been a long time. So we're going to have to be pretty slow with him," said Riley.

With Seumalo out this spring, OSU listed Roman Sapolu and Grant Bays as 1-2 on the depth chart at center, though the most likely scenario if Seumalo is out would probably be Josh Mitchell or Bays. Mitchell and Bays also missed time this spring with injury.

Seumalo's availability adds to a large amount of questions up front. Riley had hoped Bobby Keenan would show this spring he was ready to play his first year out of junior college at left tackle but the vote is still out on that.

"Frankly, I'm worried about our offensive line," said Riley, but then pulled back from that. "Our offensive line with our five starters, we could be really good, it's going to be a good group. But I think through different reasons we've developed more depth. So we could have the five starters and more depth than we've had in a long time."

Oregon State by most accounts had but one consistent o-tackle over the course of the spring -- Gavin Andrews. Sean Harlow could be another but Oregon State would much prefer to play him at guard.

If Oregon State isn't super comfortable with their o-tackles, it's looking more and more likely Seumalo might move out to the edge, with Bays (or possibly Roman Sapolu) then stepping in at center.

But when might Seumalo be healthy enough to play?

Questions, questions, questions.

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