Mitchell Injury was on Last Snap of Summer

ATHENS – Malcolm Mitchell got hurt on the final rep of non-official summer practices.

That’s according to Hutson Mason who said he was practicing with Mitchell when the injury happened.

“I asked him if he knew right away if something was wrong, and he said “Yeah.” He’s frustrated. I think this is his fourth injury. He said he's upbeat, and he knows that he will be back. Stuff like that you can’t prevent. Luckily it is not another ACL, so it is a shorter process time.”

Coach Mark Richt said he was disappointed that Mitchell got hurt.

“It is sad. It is sad that Malcolm got hurt. He had worked so hard that for this season,” he said. “You spend all summer dreaming of what that’s going to be like – and we have a chance to be pretty good – and he will be back. But is dampens your cornflakes a little bit.

Mason said that Mitchell was with the team last night and said that Mitchell “was in the bed with his leg up."

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