Fast Five: Fall Camp Begins

ATHENS - Dawg Post takes a look at the top five areas of interest for Georgia's first day of fall camp.

1. Malcolm Mitchell was one of the most-talked-about topics of the afternoon session Georgia’s football team had with the media on Friday. Mitchell, who had an arthroscopic procedure Thursday to address a cartilage injury, is expected to make a full recovery. However, after suffering an ACL injury last August in Georgia’s season-opener at Clemson, keeping the motivation won’t be an easy feat for the wide receiver out of Valdosta.

"I asked him if he knew right away if something was wrong, and he said ‘yeah.’ He’s frustrated,” quarterback Hutson Mason said. “I think this is his fourth injury. He said he’s upbeat, and he knows that he will be back. Stuff like that you can’t prevent. Luckily, it is not another ACL, so it is a shorter process time.”

Mark Richt says there’s no timetable on when Mitchell will return.

"First of all, we won't make any guestimate on when he'll play,” Richt said. “"It's hard to say when he'll be back."

2. Richt addressed the media today just a few minutes after noon. The top question wasn’t even about injuries. Instead, Richt was asked about Georgia’s offseason disciplinary problems. For example, or at least the most recent example, Davin Bellamy was arrested and charged with DUI in late July. Richt wouldn’t buy into the assumption that Georgia’s players had a disciplinary problem, though.

In terms of a discipline problem with off the field issues this summer, Richt says the guys who have gotten into trouble have a discipline problem, but the ones who haven't simply do not.

"Even a good man makes a mistake sometimes," according to Richt.

As far as the situation with Bellamy is concerned, "Bellamy made a mistake. It was stupid, he's remorseful, but he's not a bad person," Richt said.

Richt told Bellamy he wasn't glad he made the mistake, but he's glad he made it at this time in his life and could learn from it before it could affect him down the road - for example, if he was a grown man with a family.

3. Mitchell isn’t the only injured Dawg, though his injury is the most-talked-about at this time – the first day of fall camp.

Along with Mitchell, Georgia has to pay close attention to players mending injuries. For example, Keith Marshall, Justin Scott-Wesley, Jay Rome, A.J. Turman and Jake Edwards are also coming off serious injuries from last season as well as this offseason.

Marshall, who suffered a season-ending ACL injury at Tennessee last season, isn’t expected to miss any drills. This doesn’t mean he’s fully healed, according to Richt, but it means he won’t be held out of any drills.

"Looks like the normal Keith, I guess,” fellow running back Todd Gurley said. “I feel like this has been the most productive summer since I have been here - especially with the freshmen. I think they are way ahead of where people like me, Chris Conley and Keith were when we came in. I am very excited to get to play Clemson again because we didn’t win. It’s a rematch."

Rome is still a little sore dealing with his foot injury, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to Georgia’s coaching staff if he had to miss a few drills. Scott-Wesley, however, will be a tough injury/return to read. Richt wasn’t letting on that he’d be back any time soon.

"I'm not sure when he's going to play a game of football for us, but we think it'll be this season," Richt said.

Turman is ‘almost out of his boot’ following a toe injury he suffered in the spring. His exact return date is not yet known.

4. First-year defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt continues to be a major topic of conversation. He’s kind of the definition of all business. As it turns out, however, that’s just who he is on the field. Pruitt has had an immediate impact on his players off the field, according to Damian Swann.

Swann says Pruitt has quite the sense of humor, and once you get out of Butts-Mehre, there’s a little more of a chance for players and coaches to relax.

“He's a DB coach,” Swann said. “He's the best teacher I've had since I have been here.

5. A lot of talk has been surfacing about Georgia’s new players. Obviously the big names in terms of freshmen this offseason have been running backs Sony Michel and Nick Chubb. This afternoon, however, we asked the players who they were most looking forward to seeing. Their answers were not the same.

A few names Swann mentioned were Malkom Parrish, Shattle Fenteng and Dominick Sanders.

Those are now our three players to watch this preseason. Wide receiver Chris Conley doesn’t seem to think he’ll have an easy time matching up with those first-year defenders.

“I like Shattle. — He’s a big corner, but he can run well,” Conley said. “That’s something you don’t see every day. The DBs look good. I think they are taking all of the coaching in stride. They are competing.”

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