Legge's Thoughts: "They are Both Sick"

ATHENS – Dean Legge give his rundown thoughts on today’s day at camp.

Well I spent the day just watching the offensive line because that’s an often ignored just because it’s not as interesting to watch during the open period that we are out there. A few things first: I think what’s happening today is not necessarily what’s going to happen after full pads on Wednesday and later next week. I do think that some of the guys could make a move towards the front of the pack – and there could be a little bit of juggling in the starting five.

The starting group was: Left tackle – Mark Beard; Left guard – Kolton Houston; Center – David Andrews; Right guard – Greg Pyke; Right Tackle – John Theus.

Now let me stop right there because in my mind the only two guys for sure that are certainly going to start at the spot they are playing at right now are Andrews and Pyke. It seems to me that the other three spots are probably going to be filled be Theus and Houston for sure. The question is if Theus or Beard is going to start at left tackle.

That spot has ramifications for the rest of the line.

Beard is almost certainly only a left tackle. So if he wins that spot as the starter that means that the line as it stands today probably won’t change. But if Theus wins that spot, which is very possible, things will start to juggle pretty good.

If Theus moves to left tackle from right tackle that means that Houston would get a look at right tackle. That would move backup left guard Brandon Kublanow up to starting left guard. That’s the offensive line that I am betting will emerge after fall camp, but that’s not a certainty. Kublanow still has to grow into that spot… and he’s still got some growing to do. The other group all would have been in college football for three years – this would be Kublanow’s second year in college.

So those two moving parts are the ones to watch. Keep in mind, too, that I am talking in generalities. Houston could play nearly any position on the line, but guts like Andrews are not going to be playing tackle. Obviously someone like Theus and Beard are not going to be snapping the ball.

The diversity of this set of offensive linemen at Georgia is pretty darn good, but this camp is about setting the starting line – and then seeing who will get the substitution snaps.

The second unit, from left to right: Left tackle – Xzavier Ward; Left guard – Brandon Kublanow; Center – Josh Cardiello; Right guard – Hunter Long; Right Tackle – Watts Dantzler.

Long is stated to as the backup right guard – I am taking the depth chart’s word for it. The backup right guard is the only spot I didn’t seem to write down, but I am pretty certain that’s correct.

Of that group Kublanow is the only player who could threaten to crack the top five. But the interior of the second unit gives you at least two players who can play center – Cardiello and Long. It seemed like Cardiello was the center of the future – and that still might be the case – but third string center Isaiah Wynn is getting a lot of folk’s attention this fall.

Now Will Friend and company may have Wynn at center so that he can learn what he needs to learn for the coming season. If you understand center then you will almost certainly understand both guard spots. But it is also possible that in the future Wynn would be the starting center with Kublanow and Cardiello at the guards with Pyke at right tackle. There are a lot of variables.

But I don’t think you want to move Pyke from where he’s at if you can help it. He’s hitting his stride as a football player right now. Least we forget that he was playing lacrosse into the spring of his senior season. Football was where he was going, but it wasn’t his only focus. It seems likely (particularly is Theus leaves early) that Pyke will be Georgia’s best offensive lineman next season.

He’s going to make a run at being the best on the line this season with a group that’s not lacking for experience. Pyke’s ability to get to the next level (attacking the linebacker) is noticeable. Certainly his athleticism is the best reason he can engage with a defensive lineman and punch on out to the linebackers. I would not be surprised if Georgia became very right handed on offense (in high school nearly all high school offenses are right handed because, after all, most QBs are right handed and it makes it easier to run – but in the college game, obviously, offenses become more diverse and they attack wherever). I think Georgia is going to try to take advantage of Pyke’s athleticism coupled with the explosiveness of some of the running backs.

If you like running off of right guard, then this might be the season for you. (As an aside I can’t wait for the second-guessing fools to wonder why Mike Bobo “keeps running the damn ball into the middle of the line” as the offense scores at record pace – SMH).

Greg Pyke is 6-6, 321… that’s not going to be a lot of fun for a linebacker – no matter how good they are.

It looks like Nick Chubb is getting a lot of attention during practice. He’s almost always mentioned first when I talk to people about the younger players on offense. He seems to be slightly ahead of Sony Michael.

But there are two things John Theus told me that that everyone should keep in mind: “Sony Michel nearly beat my team as an eight grader by himself; you can never had enough running backs in this conference.”

One insider isn’t picking sides: “They are both sick”.

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