Legge's Thoughts: The Passing Game

ATHENS – Dean Legge give his rundown thoughts on today’s day at camp.

I spent most of the time watching the passing game, and there was a lot to take in. This wasn’t a great day for anyone out there. The quarterbacks in general were not throwing the ball in a way that will win championships.

Hutson Mason and Brice Ramsey were not hitting targets the way they normally today in practice. And I am talking about relatively simple throws (because there were no defenders out there). It’s not anything to go crazy over, but that’s going to have to get better, which is the point of “practice”.

During fall camp you are going to have good days and bad days throwing the ball. The entire point of sports is to win while you are not playing well. I would have loved to have been able to see the way that duo got through the day because it was evident to be that they were both not at A-level when I was watching. It wasn’t C-level, but the QBs in general should be hitting targets a little better than they were today.

Then again Brice Ramsey may think that he’s got to hit the target perfect every time because he claps his hands together (even after completed passes) if they are not exactly where he wants the ball to be. You have to be carful that you not make the perfect the enemy of the good.

I don’t know this – and this is certainly me throwing this out there – but it seems like the QBs had one of those tough meetings with Bobo where he got into them pretty good, and they are recovering from that.

I have in my notes: “QBs need to be more consistent.”

The QB rotation today appeared to be Mason, Bauta, Ramsey and then Park. I’m not sure if that rotation means anything other than Mason is the starter.

On the wide receiver from Charlie Hegedus had a day to forget. He had a drop (which should never happen in these sorts of drills) and just seemed to have one of those days in sports where you can’t seem to get much very right.

I have in my notes: “Not a great day for Charlie Hegedus – just one of those days.”

The good news of the day, to me, was that Justin Scott-Wesley was noticeably more football ready than he was on Friday. He was like he was a different player. He didn’t have the knee braces or whatever they were on like the other day. He’s obviously not back to 1005, but, again, he looked like a bad walk-on the other day. This was much more approaching the guy who can really get it done. Based on what I saw today (with no further injury) I can’t see how he will be out for long – certainly not the Florida game.

It looked to me like he was getting used to really running the other day – maybe the knee fixture was a real annoyance.

Chris Conley is the obvious leader with the group of receivers on his side of the ball. Not much more to add there. Conley and Bennett are the two starters right now. JSW seemed to be on Conley’s side, but I know that Reggie Davis was there. Someone said that Malcolm Mitchell was under the shed during practice, but I didn’t see him – because I wasn’t looking.

But I will say that the WRs, much like the QBs, have got to get more consistent. I realize I am talking in many ways about the non-starters, but as a group the WRs could be more consistent. There should never be a ball on the ground… not really. That just shouldn’t happen. The QBs were a little off today – more than the WRs – but it is the job of the WRs to make adjustments to the ball in the air. The most consistent WR, to me, is Bennett.

Isaiah McKenzie, I have as a note, is pretty small.

Jay Rome seemed to annoy his injured foot during passing drills today. Bobo wanted him to stick out the drill, but Rome went to the trainer and rode the bike. I don’t find that to be anything serious, but we will keep an eye out for him in the coming days.

For me the TEs are a real work in progress. There is no great TE on campus. Georgia is going to have to figure out along the way. Rome can’t be banged up the entire year – now that’s being a little dramatic, but they are going to need him because he’s big and good.

Quayvon Hicks probably had the best day of all of the “tight ends” – if you want to call him that. He seems to be pretty for some real playing time. It is obvious that he’s not a natural tight end, but he does OK out in the field. He’s just not very big. I wonder how easy it is going to be for Hutson Mason to find him in the middle of the field. Will Hicks get separation from linebackers – because he’s certainly not taller than them. He is still learning, quite frankly, how to correctly get his ten-yard depth in routes… that’s something that’s going to come in time.

I wonder if LBs are just going to forget about him – he’s shown that he can be very explosive in the open field. In the case of Hicks, As Ice Cube would say: “Today was a good day.”

I have in my notes: “Q. Hicks may play a lot.”

Jordan Davis looks the part in terms of physicality. But he’s struggling to get down what John Lilly and Mike Bobo want. For instance – he ran the incorrect route, but still grabbed a one-handed catch anyway.

The one-handed catch is great, but you are going to need to run the route the way it is supposed to be run. I can’t tell you how critical that is – if you are reading this you are well aware of that.

Joseph Ledbetter is not going to play this fall if it is about playing tight end. He is very, very raw. He is going to have to find his way during the next year.

It was a hat-on-backwards kind of day for Mike Bobo. This, to me, was a moment in practice when things were not coming easy – when getting the ball where it needed to go was not simple. These are the sort of times in games where teams make a decision to either let the game go and concede the loss or fight like hell for the win.

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