The Throwback: Remember the Mailbag?

Dawg Post is going into the vault to dig up some stories you should go back and read.

Former Dawg Post minion and current Athens Banner-Herald Sports Editor Fletcher Page used to do this thing called the Dawg Post Mailbag.

Ole Page got a little out there, but he kept the fans coming back for more.

Here's an edition from way back in late July of 2011. He was feeling it that week. The Sparkle City native cranked out 12,000 words.

Strap in, Bulldog fans. Fletcher's back in Athens.


ATHENS - They said 10,000 words was an achievement, but Fletcher Page pushes the Mailbag to new heights--12,000 words and counting.

"That man almost scared me half to death," I heard a voice say from the kitchen.

My mom's friend Debbie had just met Deion Sanders—way up close and personal.

Of course, we're not talking about the real Deion…this was a cardboard version of Prime Time. Still, the experience left Debbie shaking.

She was spending the night with our family—sometime in the 1990s. I forget exactly when. I was little at the time, and Deion had yet to leave via free agency to win a Super Bowl with San Fran. So we're talking pre-1994 here.

I was smitten with Deion. That's probably the understatement of my childhood. I had posters of Deion with the Falcons…with the Braves…with the gold chains…with the wind breakers…and leopard print sports jackets…and of course, that oh so sexy Jheri curl.

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