Legge's Thoughts: Much, Much Better

ATHENS – Dean Legge gives his rundown thoughts on today’s day at camp.

Much, much better today from the QBs/the passing game.

Much better.

More energy.

I think Ramik Wilson is sitting today's practice out. That's what someone said to me. Ethan Burch tells me that Shattle Fenteng was escorted off the field banged up. I am sure we will get an update on both of those guys here soon.

The other thing about the passing group is that I didn't see Hutson throw a ball. I am going back to review images, and I can update that, but it didn't seem serious, but he didn't throw a ball. Seemed more like a drill for who the backup QB would be. Mason did no appear to be injured in any way. He did participate in the handoff drills, so he just missed the throwing portion of practice we saw. You should not make a big deal of this at this moment.

In addition Jay Rome was back and looked completely fine.

Sony Michael is still getting used to getting handoffs. I have seen him drop the ball on the ground more than once this fall practice. I am not sure if that’s a result of his working with several different QBs, his footwork lining up the handoff or his hands. But it is something. Going to have to get better on that one. He may be used to pitches. I am not sure.

Jay Rome looked back to form. Brice Ramsey is more on target than Jacob Park and Faton Bauta, but he’s still not where he needs to be in terms of every little detail.

Jeb Blazevich gets it and sure looks like he’s going to be a player. I remember all of that bellyaching over not getting Milan Richard whenever that was. Blazevich is better than him. Mark Richt, you can tell, loves Quayvon Hicks’ athletic ability or something. I’ve overheard him talking about offering fullbacks and questioning doing that in the past “unless they are like Quayvon Hicks” he would say.

Today when Hicks didn’t pulling an errant throw Richt said: “A lesser man would have made that look bad” or something to that extent.

Again, Ramsey is in a rotation with the other guys, but he’s just better in terms of the ability to throw and or place the football where it needs to be. I find it hard to believe that he’s not the No. 2 QB right now, but we only see what we see.

I do want to get back to the pace and energy of this group today. It was obvious to me that they corrected whatever funk was going on yesterday. Jay Rome was vocal. Mike Bobo was vocal. Mark Richt was vocal. They were getting into the practice – as the should have been considering how helter skelter yesterday seemed… at least to me.

Richt, too, said to one of the new players: “Take the coaching and job on back to the drill.” It’s August. Some guys are learning how to correctly tie their shoes. You can’t let the madness of the first few days of fall camp muddle what is reality – this is a good team with a few question marks in the secondary. But if practices are more like this one today – with pace, enthusiasm and want-to-be-thereness (new phrase) – then they are going to be pretty good.

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