Timely Words Change Davis' Collegiate Choice

It wasn’t long ago that Texas wide receiver Akile Davis thought he had narrowed down his recruitment to two colleges, systematically removing BYU out of his top three due to some perceptions he had concerning the university. In stepped Coach Holliday and a former Texan wide out who played at BYU to save the day.

DeSoto High School (DeSoto, TX) prospect Akile Davis had concerns about BYU. He isn’t LDS and fears of what it might be like living around an LDS university gave him such pause that he actually took BYU out of his top choices. That was, of course, before speaking with BYU Wide Receivers Coach Guy Holliday, who was able to ease many of his concerns.

“I’ve been talking to Coach Holliday, the receivers coach, and he’s a great coach who has coached a lot of receivers,” said Davis. “I don’t know, he kind of caught me and caught my attention after a conversation we had.”

After speaking with Coach Holliday, who cleared up some misconceptions he may have had, Davis called up former BYU and non-LDS wide receiver, Margin Hooks, who also helped clear up any misconceptions Davis may have had about BYU.

“After he found out about how BYU wasn’t in my top three we talked and he gave me more information, and I talked to a player that had graduated from BYU (Margin Hooks). I called him and he taught me a lot that I really didn’t know. I really had this perception of BYU and after I got to talking to [people]. After talking to him (Hooks) and everything, it really changed my perspective.”

Margin Hooks laid out the pros and cons when it came to BYU and what it could offer Davis.

“He was just telling me what I got to do when I get there and just prepare myself [for] when I get there,” said Davis. “He just told me how it is there and what life is like. He also told me about what it’s like after [you] graduate from BYU and the connections they have.”

The one-two punch of Hooks and Coach Holliday helped Davis realize BYU was indeed the place for him.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Davis said. “They really helped me know what was really going on and helped me to understand better how things are there. It was a good experience that helped me go from not having BYU in my top three to now committing to be a Cougar.”

Davis thought things over and went from not seriously considering BYU to actually committing. At 10:00 AM this morning he decided to pull the trigger.

“I called Coach Holliday at around 10:00 this morning but he didn’t answer,” explained Davis. “I started working out he called me back but I didn’t have my phone [by me]. I called him back and he asked me how I was doing and everything. I just told him, ‘Okay coach I’m ready to commit to BYU.’ When I told him he was really excited. There was another coach standing right there next to him and he started jumping up and down. It was really exciting.”

Coach Holliday expressed his excitement and let Davis know how excited he was to be his position coach at BYU. Coach Holliday had every reason to be excited. He believed BYU was where Davis should be and helped steer him in that direction.

“He was really excited and said how he can’t wait to coach me up and be my position coach at the next level,” Davis said. “It’s going to be good and I can’t wait. We’re going to do some great things in the future.”

Prior to his decision to commit to BYU, Davis was thinking he would be attending either the University of Indiana or San Diego State University. Today, he’s a Cougar and he feels relieved.

“I feel great!” Davis said. “I’m happy that I finally got my decision out of the way. I was talking to my dad and he said that if that’s how I feel then I should just make a decision, so I did. Now I can just look forward to the season and try and win [a state championship].”

Kudos must be given to former BYU Cougar Margin Hooks, Coach Guy Holliday and the rest of the BYU coaching staff on a fine job in securing Davis’ commitment. TotalBlueSports.com will continue to update you on how Davis plays this upcoming season for DeSoto High School as they chase a Texas High School 5A State Championship.

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