Fast Five: Coaches' Talk

ATHENS - Dawg Post takes a look at the top five areas of interest prior to Georgia's fifth practice.

1. Prior to Georgia’s fifth fall football practice of the preseason on Tuesday, defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt took some time to speak with the media. Monday’s practice brought about some questions about one of Georgia’s defensive standouts as well as a new defensive back. However, Pruitt says there’s no reason to worry about Ramik Wilson or Shattle Fenteng.

Wilson didn’t practice on Monday, and Fenteng left the same practice early.

Pruitt says they’ll be fine.

2. The defense’s ability to drop weight before the first day of fall camp impressed Pruitt. The defensive line in particular stood out to the first-year defensive coordinator. He said they looked good, and defensive line coach Tracy Rocker said his players’ ability to lose that weight would help more than just their ability to sustain throughout a football game.

“They lost a lot of weight,” Rocker said. “It was something that starts in the weight room, but it also starts with the individual to change his body. I think that brought a lot more confidence to them among themselves that they did something by themselves. Right now they’re more focused. They’re not surviving. They’re practicing football.”

3. In these first few days of camp, Mike Bobo isn’t playing it slow.

“We’re trying to install 90 percent of the offense,” Bobo said. “You basically throw everything at them and see what sticks…we’ve got 12 days to install, but the majority of the stuff gets in in six.”

Right now Bobo and the rest of Georgia’s offensive staff are continuing to two-spot drills, but once Georgia has its first scrimmage Bobo says he’ll have a better idea of where everyone will be.

4. Aaron Davis could play safety or cornerback, according to Pruitt.

“Aaron’s got really good ball skills. He’s a good athlete (and) he can play man-to-man,” Pruitt said. “He’s a quick learner. He’s a guy that can actually play any position on the defense in the secondary.”

While he sees Davis as a great all-around player, however, Pruitt says he still has to prove himself. The redshirt freshman has yet to be ‘thrown in the fire’ in the words of Pruitt, but the same applies to the rest of the new players on this defense as well.

“We’re gonna play the best players; freshmen, seniors or whatever,” Pruitt said. “They’ve got just as good a chance as anyone else.”

Players like Malkom Parrish and Fenteng will get their shot.

“They’re all working hard,” Pruitt said. “They’ve all got things they do really well and they’ve all got things they need to work on. Right now we’re just trying to get a little bit better with them every day. The guys have got great attitudes, they’re working hard (and) today we put the pads on so we’ll find out a little more about them today.”

5. Georgia doesn’t have a ‘headliner’ on its defensive line, and Rocker will be the first to tell you.

“There’s no headliner,” Rocker said. “We ain’t done nothing yet.”

Rocker doesn’t need one.

“I just need them to play together and stay together,” Rocker said. “The rest of it will take care of itself, and we’ll see what happens. A headliner ain’t gonna help against Clemson. We have to play.”

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