The Throwback: A Mailbag, Again?

Dawg Post is going into the vault to dig up some stories you should go back and read.

If you missed this mailbag in September of 2011, go back and check it out - especially if you're a fan of The Sopranos and Georgia football at the same time.

If anything, it's just some good nightly reading.


ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's news, notes and somewhat relavant rambling.

It's not always easy coming up an intro for each Mailbag. I want this space to be informative and entertaining while still relevant to a current conversation.

I might get a hit. Sometimes I get out. Sometimes I don't even walk to the plate for an at-bat.

Inevitably I wind up thinking. Which for me, is a term that really means procrastinating. Lately I've been spending most the time usually designated for production on watching the Sopranos. If you're busy or not, I recommend it.

So late Thursday night/early Friday morning, I start digging into Season Four, having just read Dean's latest article on fan support and the sometimes-audible noise level in Sanford Stadium. The takeaway from the piece: Georgia fans are reactive and require something to cheer about before really getting into games.

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