Fast Five: Wednesday Morning Wrap-Up

ATHENS - Dawg Post takes a look at the top five areas of interest from Georgia's sixth practice.

(One) Inside linebacker Ramik Wilson is expected to be ready to go when Georgia opens the season.

“He’s (Wilson) not practicing, but he’ll be okay,” Mark Richt said.

End of conversation.

(Two) Georgia needs a backup center.

It’s got a few to choose from – Josh Cardiello, Hunter Long and Isaiah Wynn. Glenn Welch has taken some reps, too.

“We’ve got to find another guy that can function if something were to happen to David (Andrews),” Richt said.

(Three) Justin Scott-Wesley is undoubtedly more comfortable on his knee on August 6 than he was on August 1.

“I feel like Justin is finally getting his legs back under him and running again,” quarterback Brice Ramsey said. “That’s big for us.”

His position group would agree.

“He was a little apprehensive the first couple of days and now that he’s back he’s into it and kind of getting into the swing of things,” wide receiver Michael Bennett said. “Full speed and all that, he’s looked a lot better.”

Bennett is all too familiar with the comeback process.

“When I was coming back last year it was just all about trusting your rehab, trusting your knee (and) knowing that everything’s alright and it’s more of a mental thing than anything,” Bennett said.

(Four) Richt says Georgia has more depth at receiver than you may think.

“We have a good many receivers that have been around a while,” Richt said. “They know what to do. We have good leadership in that bunch, but we have good teammates, too. We have guys that already know what to do (and) how to do it.”

Of course there’s no timetable on the returns of Malcolm Mitchell or Scott-Wesley at the moment, so Georgia is at where it’s at. Richt doesn’t seem to be too worried about that, though.

Georgia has Bennett, Chris Conley and Jonathon Rumph, too. The Dawgs also have Reggie Davis and a few new faces in freshmen receivers Shakenneth Williams and Isaiah McKenzie. Brendan Langley may be a helpful addition, too.

“I talked to him just a little bit today in practice and told him to be patient,” Richt said. “I told him to trust Coach (Tony) Ball and take his coaching and know that it’s a process. You can’t just all of the sudden pop up and know everything and know exactly how to do it and have it perfected. It just can’t happen that fast.”

Richt has encouraged Langley that he will be a really good receiver – one day.

Another note – even with the situation injuries has caused with Georgia’s receiving corps, Richt hasn’t even considered moving safety Tramel Terry back to his old position.

(Five) Hutson Mason does a really odd Mike Bobo impression. Yeah, ‘odd’ is probably the best word for it.

“He’s doing very well,” Richt said. “He understands the system very well. There’s no babysitting going on when the plays are being run. Coach Bobo doesn’t have to direct him. “

Richt was referring to Mason – not Mason’s Bobo impersonation.

“He’s doing a good job of leading and he’s practicing with a good purpose,” Richt said.

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