Dawg Post Chat is Back; Thursday @ 9 PM

Its like that old friend who went away and you knew would be back.

Who: You
What: The Dawg Post Chat
When: Thursday night at 9 PM
Where: Click here
Why: Because you want the scoop, and we are going to give it to you for one full hour.

Let's do this Georgia fans.

You wanted to bring the Dawg Post Chat back, and we've done that. All you need to do is log in either through your Facebook or Twitter account. Then you ask questions and get the party started.

If you have missed Dawg Post Chats in the past here is a quick recap. You ask the question you need answered. You get the answer you need, or the reason we don't know the answer.

Folks are signing up in record numbers at Dawg Post, and now is your shot to fire up the laptop or mobile device to ask your question Thursday at 9 PM.

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