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DubyaTeeIn asks: Chad - gives us some names to watch at ILB in the Juco ranks. Feel like UGA could look to add a kid from there

Chad Simmons says: Haven't heard a name here, YET, and I do not cover JUCO, so let me do some checking/digging on this one... Just not tied into the JUCO ranks like I am high school... I will check though.

begger asks: Who will be the next hoops commit?  Any idea our chances with the handful of wings and big men on the radar?

Evan Daniels says: I'm not quite sure who Georgia's next commit will be. I do think they are right there with Jaylen Brown. They have a strong connection through new assistant Yasir Rosemond. He has known Brown for quite some time and is tied in with his AAU team -- Game Elite. Expect Georgia to get another visit out of Brown before he decides. He was at UCLA a week or so ago. He's going to visit Kansas and Kentucky ... and likely go back out to UCLA, per his trainer. Georgia is in the mix, but has stiff competition. Still a lot to play out.

DubyaTeeIn asks: Describe your confidence level in Hutson Mason to run the offense.

Dean Legge says: Hutson's ability to run the offense is not really in question. He can run the offense that they are going to have on the field for him. He's not going to be asked to do something he's incapable of. 

DubyaTeeIn asks: He obviously has better assets to work with than almost any QB in the Richt era, but how does his talent and knowledge of Bobo's offense stack up against the other QBs? Is he better than Joe Cox?

Dean Legge says: I do think he's better than Joe was. He's larger. He's got a better arm. He certainly appears to be more confident and has had relevant experience closer to the time he's starting. And, too, Joe - outside of A.J. was pretty limited vs. what Hutson has now - and talent matters in a big way if you want to score points. 

DubyaTeeIn asks: I feel one area of weakness for Aaron Murray was ball security; whether that be poor pocket awareness that would lead to fumbles, or the untimely ill-advised pass that would lead to an interception. Could this be one area where Mason provides an upgrade?

Dean Legge says: There's no doubt that Aaron played loos with the football - pretty much until the second half of the Florida game in 2012. There were times when I was on the sideline that I literally did know know what he was doing with the ball. I think he freaked out too much in that time. He made mistake after that, but he cleaned it up in a big way. I think that matters. I think he was just a nervous guy back there for whatever reason until the middle of the 2012 season on he was great.  Hutson has to be Hutson - whatever that is. I think that's a guy who is going to have to make the throws on third down in the fourth quarter to win at least a game. Aaron did that more times that people remember. He did that to Florida and Kentucky in 2012. He did that to South Carolina and LSU in 2013. Aaron won games for Georgia. I don't think that Hutson is going to be the person who "wins" the game for Georgia. But I also have played sports long enough to know that when your position has to do something to win it has to do it - period. 

That's the challenge for Hutson - distribution of the football to perhaps the deepest WR corp in some time at Georgia... with the balance of four legit running backs in the backfield. Hutson has the weapons. He just has to hit is targets and be himself. 

Do that, and Georgia will win the East and maybe beyond. 

DixieDawg02 asks: Dean are we looking at a dink and dunk offense with a lot of field goals? At least until we get JSW and MM back?

Dean Legge says: I’d think they have the power to ram the ball in with the run game. The passing attack might not be vertical, but the run game will be strong. 

DixieDawg02 asks: Also I predict fans raving about Ramsey next summer and saying how he will stretch the field unlike Mason. And how we really won't miss Gurley. Gotta love the sunshine summertime."

Dean Legge says: Well Ramsey will be able to stretch the field more than Mason, but he will have unproven WRs to work with. Losing Todd will hurt. But Georgia should have three solid RBs to work with. The offense is still going to score with Ramsey. 

DubyaTeeIn asks: Chad - where does Georgia stand for these recruits?

Chuma Edoga
Dallas Warmack
Albert Huggins
Roquan Smith
Micah Abernathy
Donte Jackson

Chad Simmons says:

Chuma Edoga - UGA will take, but strong to USC right now
Dallas Warmack - Bama bound unless something drastically changes
Albert Huggins - Clemson leads, UGA may get an OV
Roquan Smith - UGA-Florida battle here... Still give home state school the edge today
Micah Abernathy - Tennessee has a little MO it seems here, but UGA still right there in the thick of it
Donte Jackson - I give LSU the edge TODAY... It will be BIG for UGA to get him back on campus early in the fall

CummingDawg22 asks: Chad could you give me a % chance on Josh Sweat and Preston Williams. Also, what position to do you see this class finishing if you had to give it a number?

Chad Simmons says: Sweat - 40%. Williams - 10%. Those are as of TODAY and could/will change. Class: Top five is a realistic number. Hard to put 'A' number on it, but I see it in the 3-6 range when all is said and done more than likely.

88Fox asks: Why wouldn't Langley just move back to defense?

Dean Legge says: He's not got the hips for it from what I have been told. 

88Fox asks: Do you think Langley is actually a better WR prospect than DB?  If not, will you speculate as to why he is playing offense instead of defense?

Dean Legge says: I don't think he's a very good or great DB. He's a usable guy on the other side of the ball. I don't think he would have played at DB this fall... at least not much. So I think he's going to go with WR now because he thinks that he can get on the field in the future that way.  Look, its competitive out there. He won the job last fall... he's not even playing the position this fall. That should tell you how competitive it is the play in the secondary right now. That doesn't mean they will be great all of the time, but if they are not great they will be replaced. That wasn't really much of an option last fall. 

88Fox asks: Detric Dukes' move to FB was a little surprising. The change seems like one that is a final destination to me. Do you think the move is more likely because he isn't seen as a good LB prospect or do we need a true freshman FB convert that badly?

Dean Legge says: He played some offense at Tucker in a Wing-T offense. He's very, very good going forward. I watched him twice last year live on the field. I think he's better going forward than backwards. He's got good, but maybe not great ball skills. He's going to be very, very physical at the point of attack. I don't know how he's going to handle passing situations. I think he could be difficult to deal with as a lead blocker. I think he won't be a guy like Hicks where you would want him to get the ball four times a game. I don't know that he can make plays with the ball in his hands. But if you look at that ILB position right now - its really deep. Detric probably was going to redshirt. Now they can use him on offense and on both punt teams. Stuff like that is something you keep note of when you are deciding things like LB or FB. 

ugadawgforever08 asks: It seems as if the coaching staff is pretty excited about Mckenzie. What should we expect from him realistically? Should we buy into the hype? Will he play a good bit at wide out or specifically special teams?

Dean Legge says: His name has come up a lot on ST. I am not sure that he's a guy really ready to explode on offense. Just not going to burst through that depth in that spot. He brings a lot to the table on special teams, however. My issue with him is his size. He's a small guy. Durability could be an issue. Could. I don't know that. But if you look at Georgia in recruiting here lately, they have done a good job of getting smaller, but missing pieces to the puzzle. Georgia hasn't lopsidedly won a special teams game since the 2012 Alabama game - where they wore the Tide out that night on special teams. Marshall Morgan is a weapon, but no one else really is. If McKenzie is Damien Gary that's a major, major step up. I don't know if he's that, but I wouldn't be surprised.

UGA94 asks: best guess of starting secondary for Clemson...

Dean Legge says:

Safeties:  Corey Moore and Aaron Davis
Corners:  Damian Swann and Rico Johnson or Shattle Fenteng 
Star:  Malkom Parrish
Dominick Sanders will play. J.J. Green will play. Reggie Wilkerson will play. Sheldon Dawson will play. They've got a fair amount to work with.

JMTullDawg asks: Do you think we will be able to provide much of a pass rush from our defensive line?

Dean Legge says: I don't think that will be the focus, but they can do it if need be. 

JMTullDawg asks: Which players along our front do you think could pose problems to opposing offensive lines on third and long or other clear passing situations?

Dean Legge says: I'd say Ray Drew for sure. 

JMTullDawg asks: Do you think UGA will lead the SEC in sacks/pressures?

Dean Legge: They'll be near the top. Not sure about the top, but up there. 

dawg31558: Any chance Brice will punt?

Dean Legge says: No, I can't see that. Any chance? Only if each punter goes down, and I think they've got three guys who can punt. Brice can kick/punt it, but he's not a punter. He's a QB. 

88Fox: Do you have any solid info (or even a guess) as to why Ray Drew is rotating with the 3rd unit?

Dean Legge says: I do not. I think they are going to rotate so much that it might not matter. Ray is going to play a lot.

DickVanDawg asks:

Dean Legge says: Tramel is a two at safety. Blake Tibbs has had a very good camp, but he's going to have to be very, very good to make an impact. We will see. Same thing goes for Rumph.

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